SIFL championship

A must-win game to grasp 2013/2014 SIFL championship title

Last Saturday was the D-Day for our senior team! It was the last game of the season 2013/2014 and a must-win for the SIFL championship title. The biggest element at stake was that we could end the season undefeated for the first time (equaling the Shooters’ record). For that game vs. Shanghai Japan FC, our team was looking strong on the paper and the setting was perfect at Century Park football field. Too bad that Patrick couldn’t join due to work commitments.

From the kick-off, we looked sharp and created several opportunities but failed to finish it off. However, with the game advancing it became clear that we wouldn’t give many opportunities to our opponent. Dani broke the deadlock on a fast counter-attack. Soon after, it was Allan and Romain who made it 3-0 for the Lions just before halftime.

Despite the sizzling heat and the 3-0 lead, we kept on pushing for more goals in the 2nd half. I think this has been probably the most important factor in our success this year… Always try for more and continue to play football until the final whistle! Then, Azz, Mathieu, and another goal from Dani sealed the score to make it 6-0 at the end.

SIFL championshipAn incredible undefeated season with DIB out of reach after they drew 2-2 vs. ReUnited was enough to start the celebrations with champagne on & off the pitch. These are the finest moments of football. These few minutes celebrating just for ourselves… that’s magic! God bless, they didn’t drop me when they threw me in the air. It was a well deserved SIFL championship title, scoring 81 & conceding only 14 goals in just 18 games.

After the game, we had our end-of-the-season dinner at Tamati. Speeches were given here and there to reflect on the fantastic season we had. It’s not every season that you win the SPL Veteran, the SPL, and the SIFL championship !!! Last but not the least, we want to say a “big thank you” to all the Lions who have supported us from outside China.

After dinner, we went to Muse on the Bund and we were left in the “big hands” of Big John who treated us like kings… Non-stop supply of Champagne and other spirits to break another record with a total of 40 bottles consumed that night!!! It was a truly memorable evening which all of us will never forget. Big thank you to Big John for the night and to all Lions who kept showing their spirit during this incredible season.

During the night, many players already started to talk about the next season and their motivation to make it 3 SIFL championship in a row… Why not!!! Nothing is wrong to aim for the best but it can only be achieved by hard work, real commitment, and team spirit!

Despite all the Champagne in my head and body, the first thing I did when I woke up was to smile thinking about what an amazing group we have. All different characters but one BIG family! Proud to be a Lion!


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