Nail FC get nailed by the legends

Last Sunday, our legends were up against local team Nail FC who just join SPL Veteran league this season. As this team was ranking bottom of the league, we came with confidence keeping in mind that some local teams don’t mind bringing a full new squad of mercenaries from time to time.

While we were organized in 3-4-3, we realized very early that there were no mercenaries among our opponents. Then, we installed our powerplay staying high on the pitch and trying to score quickly. After a few attempts, the 1st goal came from Nico L. on a 2nd ball after the goal deflected a first shoot. 1-0 at the end of the 1st 20 minutes.

In the 2nd quarter, we kept the same formation with the intention of keeping the pressure and scoring more goals. We did get the scoring opportunities but failed again on the finishing. Still, Nico L. managed to score again on a header from close range.

Same as last week, we didn’t play so well in the 3rd quarter… We still managed to score a nice freekick from Tomas for the 3-0.

It got better in the last quarter. Captain Haroun did manage to score a goal after slicing through Nail FC’s defense adjusting the keeper. We got the 5th goal from David for his 3rd goal in 3 games. Again a nice power shot from outside the box that left Nail’s keeper no chance.

[SPL V ] Shanghai Lions FC 5-0 Nail FC

Good start legends! We are on track with our ambition. This is probably our best start from the past 2 years. Organization, attitude, and solidarity are paying back. We tend to be disorganized once leading but overall good football yesterday and many scoring opportunities. Like Bob mentioned earlier, serious competition starts soon, we need you all 🦁

Nico B.


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