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Old “Les Bleus” vs. Scottish Football Team

Old French Lions and/or “Les bleus”,


We’re organizing a friendly Veteran game on 15th of September against the Shanghai Scottish Football Team.

Getting old or busy, we have not played together for a while and I’m taking this opportunity to call for “the old french legionnaires guard”.

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  1. You need to be at least 30/35 yo
  2. You need to be French “related”
  3. If you don’t fall in the scope of the 2 rules above but interested to play, just ask Francois

Game details

  • Pitch is booked in WGQ on 15th of September 2012 for a game starting 1pm
  • It’s likely that we’ll play 4 quarters and allow as many subs as each team want at the end of each quarter as some of the older guys will probably struggle in the heat….
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Party afterwards

  • Pitch and facilities are nice and perfect for a family afternoon. It means you can bring on wifes, kids and dogs.
  • To compete with their Scottish pipe, we’ll have no choice but to bring on our old french “variete” tubes such as Claude Francois and Plastic Bertrand…
  • I don’t worry too much for the drinks with the Scots…
  • In term of entertainment beside the music, we’ll be able to watch the Lions playing again the Krauts from 3pm for the 1st game of SIFL season 2012/2013. They would need support and I’m sure people will be amazed by the overall team progress since few years ago.
  • Scottish said they will bring a sheep while I asked Mus to take care of the cockerel!
Football - Shanghai - Veteran French Lions vs. Scotland

Opponent: Shanghai Scottish Football

Team is mostly a veterans team (over 35s). They have played the Shanghai English and the Shanghai Irish and will shortly play the Shanghai Dutch. If truth be told they prefer whisky to red wine and deep fried Mars bars to the fine cooking but they do have a great love of traditional Celtic music. In short, they would really like to take on Les Blues because they believe “Scotland are the ORIGINAL Blues”.

Scottish Team V IrelandShanghai Scots Team

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