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Lions get one step closer to the SPL title

[ SPL ] Shanghai Lions 6-0 Gremio FC (05 May 2013)

Nowadays Mondays in Shanghai are not bad as every weekend we have a good Lions performance and to be honestly that makes you feel good. Last Sunday was no exception. The writing was on the wall we had 18 hungry Lions at Waigaoqiao for our most important game against Gremio roaring from the kick off.

We looked for the early goal and within 4 minutes Azz played wide to garret who crossed without knees right on the head of Adam. Bang 1-0 ! After that we were superior in defense the key for our success in defense is not to have French Players in defense its working as we didn’t concede a single goal since Dec 9 ! That’s an impressive Lions record of course a French Goal Keeper is always good that’s why we have Thomas and Dimitri ! We controlled the midfield and Gremio started to play long Balls to Adam the Azzurri striker much to our liking. Only issue was that we should have been 4-0 up at half time but we failed to finish !

Second half it was about fitness our hard work throughout the season paid off as on all positions including the bench we had fitter players. Benji showed us how to finish and score at the beginning the second half and Jack started to talk about birds releasing some substance on his Lions shirt. Joel and Azz scored both a goal. And out of all people Jeff fresh from the bench scored a copy cat of Benji’s goal ! To end the party it was “Jack in the Box” making a gangnam style move to score with his left foot to the dismay of M. Warady who just had being subbed !

Two games to go if we win both we will be SPL Champions ! It will be fantastic and we have everything in our own hands or feet !!

Please all come to training Wednesday and for this Sunday as we have no game we invite all the Lions to come to the Century park where we booked half the grass field from 1100-1300 for an all Lions match/training. After we will have lunch at Latina with some beers and to end a great Sunday we will watch at 1400  the Cowboys vs the Marlins any result is good for us !


Very Happy Freek

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