Shanghai Lions Football Club

Peter Rosselli of the Marlins thanks Lions PLayers !

Good morning Freek,

I hope this email finds you well.

I’m just writing to thank your team for their conduct during yesterday’s typically tight encounter. It was my first game back and there was a great competitive edge which helped make it a good game of football.

Special mention goes to Francois and Joel for their kind words and welcoming me back to the sport after six months out. It was really appreciated and I have the upmost respect for their sporting behaviour. They’ve been asking how I am ever since it happened and it’s amazing what a difference that makes when it comes from opposing players.

I also have to thank you for the same reasons because you have always given me a few moments of your time to see how things are despite having to run two teams and a league!

I hope you’re well and I’ll see you next weekend at the Santa Cup where I’ll hopefully feature a bit in my quest for fitness.

Have a great week and congratulations on running both a sporting and competitive team!


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