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Poker game at BLOC

Lions Poker 2 (2)After our victory 7-1 on Saturday March 2nd morning against Kangbei FC in the SIFL Cup 1/4 finals, many Lions felt good and decided to go have a brunch at our beloved sponsor BLOC.

After filling our belly up with good food from the fresh new menu, we all switched to POKER mode.

We were not less than 10 players! all motivated to show other shills than football (for those who have any anyways)…

The game started slowly but Simon S., our SPL Coach, thought he had the game in hand, as usual, but got tackled by Charles G. and lost all his stack after only 30mn; on a controversial call…

Chris S., who didn’t even really want to play at first, but after watching a couple of hans, decided to join the party, to end up losing his stack afyer one hour. He finally said: “it’s now definitively time for me to go home get some rest”… indeed!

Then, the table suffered heavy casualties…one by one, Romain H, Simon S. (2nd buy in), Azzeddine T., Fabien B, and Thomas G.  fell to prove their poker skills and lost face (including their poker face.)

We were then down to 4 players: Mat. W., Charles G., Benj and Seb. H.(the mighty German).

Benj showed some good will and motivation, but his greed got to him and he has to face the superiority of Charles G. who took everything he had left but kindly gave Benj enough to take a cab home…

Seb. H. finished 3rd, succombing to the inevitable fate of losing his all-in to Charles.

Charles G. and Mat. W. respectively with 1150 rmb and 1050 rmb decided to call it a day and enjoy the rest of the evening, spending the money of their fellow teammates, quite easily earned they both agreed…

It was definitively a success and we all hope to organize it agaian soon (at least Charles & Mat do…)


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