Senior lost vs. ReU in SIFL Cup

For our last game of 2021, we were facing ReU in SIFL Cup. No complaints about the weather as the sky was blue with no pollution and 16 degrees… Not bad for mid December! We had a good mix of youth & senior players as well as Tobias, our new german panzer. Therefore, the mood was good knowing we’d have our Christmas dinner in the evening at our sponsor RAC.

Last game against ReU, we struggled in some parts of the game and conceded too many goals. The strategy was to stay in the game as long as we could. In the first 25mn, we were the better team keeping most of the possession and ReU did pose any serious threat. We thought to have scored the 1-0 when Tobias’s pass put Samad one on one with the keeper however his effort went just wide of the goal.

We did score the 1-0 after Hugo received a long ball from the back on the left and he outran his opponent to score with a nice low shot. To our horror, the lines man raised his flag making the usual mistake not to look at the moment when the pass was given but only looking at the moment Hugo received the ball… Very frustrating not to get the reward of our good play.

After this misfortune our level dropped and we failed to keep the ball possession. Worst, we started to give the ball back to ReU by our own poor passes… Patrick got a golden opportunity to score with his new size 46.5 boots after a corner but he blasted the ball over from a short distance.

At half time, we talked about the “poor” passing, the fact that we rushed too much and the need to get possession back. The game was even in the second half but ReU did have most of the possession. While we had no luck with the linesman in the 1st half, the same linesman (who disallowed Hugo goal) let ReU player run through with a double offside position… but to our frustration the goal was allowed.

We tried to get back in the game with Ryan and Song posing some threats but we couldn’t find the net. Instead a couple of errors resulted in ReUnited’s 2nd goal. We tried hard to get a goal back but on our last action of the game, Othmane’s freekick went into orbit.

[ SIFL Cup ] Shanghai Lions FC 0-2 Shanghai ReU

Despite our loss, we did have a great Christmas party. The setting and arrangement at our sponsor RAC was perfect with our own dedicated space. The staff was very helpful and we got a great variety of food choices from their menu.

It was super nice to have such a great mix of people from all over the world together like our youth players and the senior players topped up with a few legends and not too forget the wives or girlfriends behind the players. As emphasized in the speech that’s what we are ONE BIG FAMILY making the best out of our lives in Shanghai.

Thank you for all the new players being brave enough to sing a song… We enjoyed all of them! I guess Peter song will go into the top 50 in China soon. Tobias on his side is already booked for futures performances.

It was nice to thank Simon for his arrangement on the evening and to be our sponsor for the season. He asked us to arrange extra shirts for his staff which of course we are happy to organize.

Lets all enjoy the break and stay fit and healthy and we get back in action on January 4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !


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