Senior team advance to Hebi Cup semi-finals with a 6-0 win

Four our 1st match of 2022, we were up against D2 Cosmos Fireball (a team we never played before) for a spot in Hebi Cup semi-finals. The weather was not too bad as the usual cold sea wind was absent for the day. As for our team, we had a nice mix of experienced and youth players.

At the beginning of the game, we decided to sit back a bit and watch at first how the Fireballs would play. Soon, we found out that they struggled to play out of the back so we started to put more and more pressure on them. Hira and Seiwa on the flanks kept their defenders busy. On a perfect assist from Hsam, Hira finished nicely with his left foot in the left top corner. Soon after, he scored a 2nd in the same style but the lineman raised his flag.

It was a good start for our senior team. However we kind of immedialty slowed down our game after the goal… That proved to be a problem as we hardly posed a threat. Instead of going into half time with a 3 or 4 nil lead it was “just” 1-0.

At the half time talk, we all agreed to change our attitude and go for more goals. It seemed to work as within 1mn, Toby our German Striker scored our 2nd goal. Suddenly we all woke up and started to play the ball fast around and pushed many players forward.

Our 3rd goal game after another great assist this time from Fergal who put Toby straight into scoring position. He had no hesitation for the 3-0.

We never took our feet off the pedal and kept going for more goals. Fergal scored after a layoff from Toby and Hsam was lucky to score after another layoff from Toby… His shot looked like to fly over but suddenly dropped into the net.

Romain our left back was unlucky when he saw his effort from close range smash against the cross bar. The icing on the cake came from a great assist from Romain to Masa who didn’t hesitate to put his name on the score sheet.

[ SIFL Hebiguchi Cup ] Shanghai Lions FC 6-0 Shanghai Cosmos Fireball

A great start of the new year 2022 with a clean sheet.

Next up, we will play Voodoo in Hebi Cup semi-finals. It will be a different type of game but we will prepare well and be ready for the challenge.


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