Senior team drew 2-2 in cup tie

For this cup tie, we were up against Anzac in SIFL cup. It was one of those days where players drop-out in the last moment… Therefore, we ended-up with a thin squad but luckily our legends Mehdi & David helped-out on the day. Lastly, as the field got flooded the week before, it bevame very hard to play… Then, it was a struggle to make our usual passing game.

We got 2 very good scoring opportunities to score but at the final moment we couldn’t find the net and shots went wide from close range. Our confidence dropped a bit by the missed chances and the Anzacs were a bit stronger physically vs. our youngsters. They got a couple of corners and a few free kicks but there was no danger for Jay our goalie.

Half time talk was eas… Cheer-up, play positive and the goals will come. We swapped Peter to a more forward position and David back as number 6. It paid-off as Peter showed us it doesn’t take much to score with a fine low strike on the left of the keeper. Our confidence was back and soon after a corner from Hira-san, Peter scored his 2nd with a clear header.

We had plenty of opportunities to extend the score but failed to do so… As it goes in football, you get punished if you don’t take your chances. We got put-off guard on a free kick who found a totally unmarked player… free header!

The referee started to play a more negative role and one of his decisions lead to Anzacs’ 2nd goal… All of us expected a free kick for us when Peter was hit at his leg but he didn’t want to blow the whistle. Instead, he let the play go on and while we stopped they scored with a good strike.

We didn’t give up yet. In the final moment, it was Song who created a great tip-in for Mehdi one meter before the goal. But to his horror, the ball went into orbit… The ball has not been found back ever since.

[ SIFL Cup ] Anzacs FC 2-2 Shanghai Lions FC

The 2-2 felt like a loss to us in this cup tie. We will put a better performance in our next game.



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