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Shanghai Masters, here we come!

Quick update on the tournament for the coming weekend

For the info on Lions’ team, check our previous post


We had a couple of last minute cancelations from Malaysia, Australia Xiamen, Guangzhou and Beijing, hence we have 9 teams in this years competition only.
Nothing to worry, your teams will be tired by Sunday afternoon! Shanghai Masters vision is active participation, plenty of playing time!

Teams are:

  • HK Krauts
  • Beijing Real Ancient
  • Shanghai Pisorelas
  • Shanghai Vikings
  • Shanghai Scotts
  • Emerald FC
  • Shanghai Shooters
  • Shanghai Lions

Sat AND Sund games start at 10am and we finish at 4pm! Make sure EVERY team is on the pitch by 9:30am.


  • Friday: 6 -9pm for all teams, sponsors, referees:  Big Bamboo downtown, Nanyang Road. Shark tank area (go to the back and than upstairs) Carlsberg and Tiger beer and finger food.  Also we will give you wrist bands for 30rmb drinks after 8pm when our keg went dry.
  • Saturday: First game starts 10am!! SRFC at Waigaojiao – all of you should know by now where the pitches are and how long it will take to get there. With 9 teams we will play a Round Robin 18 minutes straight games on 2 pitches. To keep the schedule we have only 2 minutes time between the games, please make sure you are ready for the next game. Games shall be done by 4pm. Do not leave the pitch – The beer is cold and we will crank up the BBQ’s. And we will make sure there is some free beer for all teams as well!
  • Sunday: First game starts 10am!! SRFC at Waigaojiao First 5 teams from RR Saturday will be in cup competition while bottom 4 will fight for plate. Again, games are over by 4pm. Trophy presentation and closing. Enough time for travel teams to make flights out of Pudong or Hongjiao.


One important difference to previous tournaments: instead of receiving a yellow card the player in question will receive a 1minute suspension. This should help to better enforce fair play. Please read trhe rules and forward it to your teams.

Lets have a wonderful weekend and lets enjoy it! Play fair and let the best team win.

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