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Lions lose on penalties in SIFL Hebi Cup

[ SIFL Hebiguchi Cup ] Shanghai Lions 1-1 Azzurri FC (01 Dec 2012)


The game started  very late and at the time we were playing Waigaoqiao was empty ! Not a good environment for a Cup Game… It turned out to be more like a friendly game vs the Azzurri as they were trying to regroup themselves and picking up players from other teams.

The game was one where the solid defense of both sides would make it difficult to score. On top we were missing our regular top scorers M. Mendel and Dani. The Azzurri took the lead by a well placed shot and Jerome had the chance to equalize but according to him the ball bounced right in front of him using that as an excuses why the ball went into orbit and  was never seen back again.

In the second half we were working hard to get the equalizer and defended well. Lucas our youngest Lions came on and through his cross to Matthieu (the birthday boy) to equalize.

By now it was really getting dark and we had no choice but to go for the penalties. Two lions scored and two lions missed and Charles our no 5 taker didn’t have to take…..!

To me it was good to have a tough game especially knowing that next week we will be playing the Shooters ! We can make a major step forward in the race for the league title if we win that match.

We always talk about big games and how important they are here we are a win can make the gap 7 points between the Shooters and the Lions. So Lions train hard and don’t get injured, eat healthy and rest well, focus on the game and give it all you have on Saturday !


Coach Freek

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