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[SIFL News] Round 13 – Games played on 14 Jan 2017


Premier League

Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC beat Shanghai Krauts FC. Shanghai Lions FC edge out Shanghai 3United (above). Azzurri FC win versus Shanghai Japan FC. Shanghai United defeat FC Oranje.

First Division

Shanghai Cosmos beat Shanghai Tianfu FC. Voodoo defeat Anzacs FC. Voodoo Child edge out Happy FC. Shanghai Vikings win versus Kangbei United FC. 

In the Premier League, the Shanghai Krauts FC faced league leaders Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC. A large Shooter squad lined up against the Germans who were short of a few defenders. Once the game started this became very apparent. The Shooters attacked quickly and the makeshift German defense struggled to deal with them. 

Before long Tom Webster, who was terrorizing the German full back all game, crossed deep for the opposite winger Wilson Scott to smash home on the half volley for 0-1. One became two as Simon Moore threaded a ball through to Mike McGirr who finished after initially dummying and leaving two Germans behind him for 0-2. 

Kevin Weissler made it three after bringing down Paolini’s lofted ball on the edge of the box and finishing nicely with his left for 0-3. The Shooters then had two more goals disallowed, one for no obvious reason at all, but 0-3 the half ended. 

The second half began with the Shooters once more pressuring the German goal with not much coming back in response. It became 0-4 when Benoit Doche casually half volleyed in a rebound that fell to him on the edge of the box. 

Stefan Sturm (above) made it five soon after; heading in a Simon Moore cross from a tight angle at the near post, despite a defenders best efforts to keep it out for 0-5. Stanislav Korchazhinkii managed to score a late consolation goal with the last kick of the game for the Germans for a final 1-5 score line. Tom Webster earned man of the match honors.

Dictator Bilgin G.: “When Dictator is on pitch no one scores. But our own 250kg South African Cape buffalo goalkeeper got me injured and he should have received a red card.” Zippy: “Is your name Willy Nilly?” 

Shanghai 3United did battle with the Shanghai Lions FC. It was cold but a clear blue sky with no pollution in sight. The pitch was difficult to play on after last week’s heavy rain. 

The Lions had a small squad with many players not available and were set to revenge the first encounter versus 3U, which 3U won at the start of the season. 

Lions’ motivation ran high to make up for the earlier loss. Both teams opted to leave a gap in the midfield as the defenders decided to stay deep. Lions played on the counter and created several chances. It was Romain Haution who opened the score taking a 0-1 Lions lead. 

3United didn’t have a shot on target but were awarded a penalty. Nick Law took the ensuing spot kick sending it in the left corner to make it 1-1 just before halftime. In the second half, the Lions improved their game with more combination football. 

They were awarded a penalty halfway in the half. Haution took the spot kick for the French but the 3U keeper stopped his effort to the bemusement of the spectators. Agajan Nyyazberdiyev played one of his best games, went thru the right wing several times and got fouled in the box for a spot kick to give the Lions a second chance to take back the lead. 

Felix Vroegop stood up and scored from the spot to make it 1-2. 3United tried to come back but didn’t pose any danger and the Lions hung on to a hard fought victory. Agajan Nyyazberdiyev received man of the match honors. 

Azzurri FC lined up to play versus Shanghai Japan FC. In-form Japan held the champions to a draw the week before and were hoping to build on their good form of late. 

Azzurri had other plans and put in a very a consistent performance. Kwame Agyei-Owusu opened the scoring sending the men in blue 1-0 up and that’s how the first half ended. 

Japan tried to do something back in the second half, the game went back and forth but were unable to stop the Kwame show.  Kwame was able to double Azzurri’s lead to 2-0 and that’s how the contest ended with Kwame picking up man of the match honors. Kwame: “It was a great win I scored nicely Kwame is the name!” 

Shanghai United were pitted against FC Oranje. Most of play took place in the midfield in the opening phase of the match. United’s spirit, and determination increased dramatically when new look Igor Tsudin showed up with moonshine and took between the posts. It was a mental boost for the Russians and they not going to be denied. 

About half hour in, the United effort paid off when from a through ball Ricker Alexander lobbed it over the onrushing keeper for 0-1. United kept pushing and the Alexander was at it again when he got the ball on the right and blasted it in the net for 2-0. 

The Dutch pushed for a goal and created several bankable chances. First, from a corner Hope Xu took aim but the United keeper stood in the way. Soon after that Mubanga Vwaliki had two giant chances to score but keeper Tsudin had other thoughts and made some brilliant saves. 

Just before halftime, Daniyar Dumanuly received the ball just over the halfway line. His rush forward over the left was met little resistance as he played himself free before the keeper then slotted home at the far post for a 3-0 United lead at halftime. 

United kept going in the second half and straight from kick off scored their fourth when they captured the ball in the middle. A quick counter was what followed and Alexander completed his hattrick with a strike at the far post for 4-0. Andrey Kravchenko then made it 5-0. 

Towards the end the Dutch started playing with four strikers and finally were able to get a ball in the net. Mubanga Vwaliki was successful in his third attempt at goal with a fine action for 5-1. 

Oranje had the last chance of the match when Tank Zhang found himself eye-to-eye with keeper Tsudin. The keeper denied him (above) and 5-1 it stayed with United picking up three valuable points. Igor Tsudin received man of the match honors for his heroic antics on and off the pitch. Thanks for the moonshine mate!

It was Anton Devine’s (#13) last match for United. Above with Igor Tsudin, Ricker Alexander, Mubanga Vwaliki, Andrey Kravchenko and Daniyar Dumanuly. The orange franchise went on the Cages where they celebrated match number 580-a new record in Shanghai. Oranjeboom was there. But not before we all drank to Nicolai Filatov’s (below 2nd left) birthday with beers and authentic Russian moonshine!

In the First Division, leagues leaders Shanghai Cosmos were slotted againstShanghai Tianfu FC. Cosmos started well and were able to expand taking a 1-0 lead at halftime. 

They continued with dominating football in the second half and were able to score another three goals. Tianfu saved honors via a Mingda Ye strike. Man of the match Jonny Sellars (2), Jordan Campbell and Adam Stringer scored for Cosmos. 

Voodoo Child slugged it out with Happy FC. VC went into the game hoping to build on their good run of victories and the recent hard fought derby win versus Voodoo. There were some changes needed with the return of the Cossack and Santa following some Xmas commitments. 

Thankfully VC were boosted by the return of brave Paul Waller playing through the pain of a ‘skiers thumb’. Despite a run of six wins and promise to be ‘good cop’, Kam decided to lay into the defense before the game unveiling some bizarre pre-match drills for the team to complete. 

The game began with VC well on top and playing some good football from the backline through the midfield. However despite dominating possession and coming close to scoring with a Waller one on one, Santa header & Fat Nick effort, VC could not find a way through. 

HFC were happy to play on the break and showed little going forward but did threaten through Nogoods stray passing and from some good distance shooting. The first half ended with a 0-0 score line 

At halftime, Kam (above with Putin) continued his policy of good cop by telling off Disney Dave for saying that we were playing well and the team came out determined to break the deadlock. It continued in the same style with VC dominating while frustrations began to show as Waller continued to misfire. 

However with 15mins to go the deadlock was broken after Irish Andy ran through, bottled the shot initially, but somehow got another chance, which he dispatched taking a 1-0 VC lead. 

All of VC believed that would be it but HFC quickly responded following an excellent shot from distance by Qifa Li which struck the bar then was tapped in evening out the score 1-1. 

With 10mins remaining VC increased their efforts and fully enforced their gegenpress on HFC winning the ball back immediately and forcing numerous corners and free kicks. This effort was matched by the bench as Nogood eagerly fetched balls, people shouted encouragements and Kam almost broke out of mute mode. 

Finally with the clock ticking, Nasty Arod delivered the best corner of the game and Paul Waller moved from villain to hero by bundling in the winner from a yard and a 2-1 VC lead. Despite scoring with just 30 seconds on the clock VC fully deserved the points against a spirited but fair Happy FC side. Andy Graydon picked up man of the match honors. 

The Anzacs FC crossed swords with Voodoo. It was a game that made everyone involved wished they had got suspended the week before as the lowest placed foreign teams played out 90mins that went a long way to explaining their league positions. 

The two threadbare squads were more interested in moaning than playing football at the outset but the atmosphere improved and what the neutrals would have called ‘an old-school English battle’ broke out. That is to say that this was not a classic. The teams were split by an Anzacs own goal from a corner at the half for 0-1 with a host of chances that were wasted at either end

The second half was better with three goals including one direct from a Damo Pilat corner putting Voodoo two goals to the good before stand-in keeper Maxuel Neuer – Voodoo’s 46th keeper of the season – smashing a clearance into stand-in centre half Sam Woollard to reduce the deficit 1-2. 

Jonny White made it 1-3 to finish the scoring but only because he refused to pass to Diego, playing his final game for Voodoo before moving to Miami to sell guns to drug dealers. Good luck to him and to Eric Fransen (above), who shattered his cheekbone during the game. Damo Pilat received man of the match honors. 

Kangbei United FC locked horns with the Shanghai Vikings FC. The Vikings were in fine form and dominated the match from the start. They were able to open the scoring taking a 0-1 lead. Before the half was over Kangbei’s keeper had to fish the ball out of the net another time for a 0-2 Vikings lead at halftime. 

In the second half, Kangbei tried to do something back but were unable to find a hole in the sturdy Danish defense. The Vikings took the foot of the pedal and played out the match for a final 0-2 score line. Adebowale Adewale and Janus Olsen scored the Viking goals. Henrik Kragh received man of the match honors. 


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