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[SIFL News] Round 16 – Games played on 18 Feb 2017


Premier League

Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC beat Shanghai ReUnited. Shanghai 3United win versus Azzurri FC. Shanghai Lions FC victorious over Shanghai United FC. Shanghai Japan FC beat Shanghai Krauts FC.

First Division

Shanghai Vikings win versus Long Tang AFC. Anzacs FC beat HFC. Kangbei United FC and Shanghai Tianfu FC share the spoils with draw as did Voodoo Child versus Shanghai Cosmos. 

In the Premier League, the Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC crossed swords with Shanghai ReUnited. Shooters missing some key midfielders in Webster, Scott and Fong, however they showed their depth of squad, still able to field a strong line up with a good bench. 

The dry bumpy field made quick passing difficult and chances were few and far between as both defenses held strong. ReUnited saw a Karsten Knerr free kick palmed on to the bar early on, but struggled to create anything of note from open play. 

The Shooters who had similarly had been limited in their chances took the lead though as Emmet O’Brien reacted quickest to side foot a loose ball in the ReUnited box for a 1-0 Shooters lead. The Shooters then defended strongly to keep the lead going into the halftime break. 

Broughton urged more of the same and the Shooters went back on knowing the next 45mins could put them one big step closer to the title. Another tight and really hard battled half played out under the Waigaoqiao morning sun. 

A couple of half chances were all either team could muster. Ultimately, despite ReUnited throwing everything they had forward, they couldn’t break through the solid Shooter team who made sure that one goal would be all they needed on the day to take home all three points. Emmet O’Brien received man of the match honors. 

Shanghai 3United locked horns with Azzurri FC. 3U knew that despite having had good performances against in-form Azzurri in the past, this was not going to be a walk in the park. The game started with 3United on the defensive with Azzurri dominating possession. 

The 3U defense dealt well with all Azzurri attacks and once the ball was won back, 3U launched their counterattacks upon the Italians lines. This back and forth lasted the entire half without any goals for a 0-0 score line at halftime. 

About 15mins into the second half, keeper Collin Cunnings smashed a dropkick punt deep into Azzurri territory in the path of Nick Law (above). He took a few quick touches into the box for a one on one with the keeper before slamming the ball into the back of the net taking a 1-0 3U lead. 

With 30mins left on the clock, Azzurri renewed their attacks putting more men into offensive positions. They hit the woodwork on several occasions and keeper Cunnings had to make some acrobatic saves to keep the nil. In the end it was the defense that won the battle as 3U held on to their 1-0 lead. Collin Cunnings picked up man of the match honors. 

For the Azzurri it didn’t matter coz knowing that Oranje had a by they all went to Cages where they finally managed to win a 



Shanghai United were pitted against Shanghai Lions FC. The Lions were still recovering from the previous week shocker versus Azzurri and at the start of the match they were still looking to get their grove back. 

United just focused on attack and played their own game. They did well in the opening phase pushing the French back deep onto their own half. The pressure finally yielded when Andrey Kravchenko found the net taking a 1-0 lead and that’s how 45mins of football ended. 

The Lions regrouped in the second half and started finding their form with combinations and created chance after chance. They were able to equalize early on in the half for 1-1. That opened the floodgates as United ran out of steam. 

Felix Vroegop was in fine form scoring a hattrick while Tomas Carbrera Cuyas, Thomas Zitoun and man of the match Azzeddine Takoufoula all netted once for a final 1-6 Lions victory. 

Shanghai Krauts FC faced Shanghai Japan FC. Their previous encounter took place in a water soaked pitch were ze Germans triumphed 2-0. Under sunshine soaked blue skies Japan was ready for revenge. 

Both teams were quite solid in the first half. The Krauts attacked from the middle with striker Stas penetrating Japan’s defense. On one such excursion he won a free kick that just went wide. Japan played their trademark combinations to try and create chances but the rough winter pitch greatly hindered that and the half petered out with a 0^0 spectacle score. 

In the second half, Japan took more initiative and slowly approached the Krauts goal. At the 15-minute mark Kosuke Nagai’s effort hit the post and Tomoyuki Hirai lobbed a shot over the bar. Japan then strengthened their midfield for more control and that effort yielded 15mins from time. 

Hajime Sumitomo finally found the net by a lovely one-touch goal assisted by Takuya Nakano taking a 0-1 Japan lead. The ice-breaking goal caused chaos in the German mindset and it looked like total destruction was near. Just 2mins later Takuya Nakano easily scored a volley from corner kick to double the score to 0-2. 

Yuki Fujiwara then followed with a strong header to make it 0-3 and that left the Krauts without power to fight back. Japan sunk Das Boat and won the war! With a great goal and two assists, Takuya Nakano (above) picked up man of the match honors. 

Big day in the First Division with top of the table clash between Voodoo Child and Shanghai Cosmos. VC were boosted by returning disciples however the numbers were matched by a very large both literally and figuratively Cosmos squad. While the Hong Kong Chairman of the Oakham Curry Club had also made the trip over to watch the game. 

The game started with both teams playing some quality football and the ball did touch the ground once or twice in the first 30mins. Cosmos had the upper hand in the first half with their midfield trio dominating and dictating play.  

Kam the tactical genius was too busy cutting his nails to watch all the play. Towards the end Cosmos launched a long free kick into the VC penalty area and after a bit of chaos Adam Stringer scored with a strong strike taking a 0-1 Cosmos lead. 

The second half started in a similar vein with lots of long balls. VC started to get a foothold with Phil Boyle making some crunching challenges in the middle of the park. Cosmos had a number of opportunities to put the game to bed but keeper Minion stood up to the task and produced save after save.

Then after Tony Nogood was removed, VC went up another level and with Jesus driving down the left then cut in then fired back into the left hand corner evening out the score 1-1. After a panicky few last minutes the game ended with a 1-1 score line. VC’s Andy Cameron and Cosmos’ Jonny Sellars received man of the match honors. 

A couple of special mentions. First to Chairman Dave, hope you had a fun/lonely Saturday night. Secondly to Hong Kong Chairman of the Oakham Curry Club who had also made the trip over to watch the game. Thank you, OCC, OCC, OCC. (

OCC Chairman: “Thanks Kam, you are a true genius and next season we will be sponsoring your great football club-eat more curry!”

The Anzacs FC lined up to Happy FC. The Anzacs had the early possession and were seeing some success with wingbacks Snorri Arnessen and Stephen Walker. After about 20mins they won a free kick swung in by Andy Shepherd and as HFC’s defense all stopped, Dylan Crompton stole in behind to side foot home the opening goal for 1-0. 

HFC had some shots from distance but without danger. The Anzacs were keen to push on for a second and it eventually came, albeit from an unlikely source when from a corner, the HFC keeper dropped the ball from over his own line for 2-0, which was also the halftime score. 

Clearly the next goal would be crucial and for once it came from the Anzacs. Sam Di Marco again popping up in the right place at the right time to fire home for 3-0. The game then became a bit disjointed for a while and there was a bit of niggle on both sides. 

The Anzacs then extended their lead when working the ball all the way across the back to put Stephen Walker away down the wing and then the cross found Sebastian Zhang to smash home for 4-0. In the last minute the Anzacs repeated their and Crompton bundled home a cross from a yard out with not a defender in sight. It finished 5-0 to the Anzacs. Andy Shepherd picked up man of the match honors. 

Long Tang AFC did battle with Shanghai Vikings FC. The Vikings had a field day and displayed a solid performance with great football. In the first half they scored two goals for a 0-2 halftime score. 

The Vikings kept scoring in the second half for a final 0-5 victory. Martin Larsen (2), Adebowale Adewale, Christopher Gumppenberg and man of the match Jasper Scheuermann scored the Vikings goals. 

Kangbei United FC lined up to play Shanghai Tianfu FC. Kangbei United came looking for a victory to try and claw out of the basement. Tianfu also came with attacking attentions and both teams did not disappoint. 

Both teams found the net once in the first half for a 1-1 halftime score. In the second half they continued exactly the same way and both teams scored one more goal for a final 2-2 draw sharing the spoils.

Jiajun Yang and Jackson Katta scored the Kangbei goals while Xiaorong Wu and Sheng Wang netted for Tianfu. Katta and Wang picked up man of the match honors. 


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