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[SIFL News] Round 4 – Games played on 22 Oct 2016


Premier League: Shanghai Krauts FC (above) storm table and take number one spot with win over Shanghai Japan FC. 

First Division: Anzacs FC and HFC share spoils after tie.  

In the Premier League, Shanghai Japan FC did battle with the Shanghai Krauts FC. It was the early fixture and both teams were ready for kick off. Then, in light of the downpour, the committee decided to cancel all other fixtures of the day so this was the only game in the Premier League. 

With that knowledge the Krauts knew that a win would send them right to the top of the table. A feat not seen for a long time. While the pitch was getting flooded the game kick off in good spirits. The Krauts pressed the midfield using fast breaks and long balls trying to reach their wingers. 

Japan played position with combination football testing the Krauts keeper from the Old Transvaal. As the game got on the Germans drew first blood when they were awarded a penalty. Thomas Schwab stepped and put it away scoring their first goal of the season and a 0-1 Krauts lead at halftime. 

The Krauts continued their onslaught in the second half and worked hard to breach Japanese defenses. Japan kept executing their game plan and they continued to test the keeper as well as the woodwork. It was certain another goal would follow and when it came it fell to the Krauts. Old soldiers never die and when Stoyan Atsarov had the ball 20 meters out, he took a good look at the goalie standing from his line and bit and coolly lobbed the ball in the net doubling the Krauts lead to 0-2. 

Marin Delchev was on his way to a certain third goal but his effort stranded a few inches before the goal line in a pool of water, mud and frustration. The match ended 0-2 to the Krauts and with this result they are the undisputed number 1 in Shanghai, for at least 7 days. Man of the match honors went to Krauts keeper Jonathan Claesen who displayed an excellent performance in difficult conditions. 

In the First Division, Happy FC crossed swords with Anzacs FC. The game started with both teams splashing about in puddles like a kindergarten trip to the seaside. After a few minutes HFC then pumped the ball in behind the Anzacs back line. It stopped in the penalty area, allowing Liu Zheren to run through and stick it in the corner for the opening goal and a 1-0 HFC lead. 

Before long, Joe Hatch managed to scoop up the ball and then twat it in behind the HFC defense for Neil Beckitt to run onto and equalize with a trademark lob for 1-1. Soon after, the Anzacs won a corner taken by James Boyle who curled it in the net for a 1-2 Anzacs lead. Then, Beckitt chased down a through ball, shrugged off a HFC defender, and rounded the keeper for his second and a 1-3 Anzacs lead at halftime prompting a celebratory slide through a puddle.  

In the second half, HFC got back into the game and the Anzacs struggled to put them under pressure as they did in the first half. At this time also frustrations were starting to rise from poor tackles and likely fear of drowning. Tempers flared a bit and Anzacs had a player send off for an altercation. HFC then clawed another goal back when from a ricochet in the box the ball ended up in the Anzacs net for 2-3 and game on.

This livened HFC up further putting the Anzacs under more pressure. A cross to the far side found Liu Zheren who turned and dinked it back to the far post where it went through a crowd of players and straight through into the corner evening out the score at 3-3 and that’s how the contest ended. 

Neil Beckitt received man of the match honors for the Anzacs, as did Liu Zheren for HFC. With this result the Anzacs moved onto the podium claiming third spot in the standings. Pretty good!


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October 29, 2016:  Round 5-League Matches

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