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[SIFL News] Round 6 – Games played on 05 Nov 2016

Premier League

Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC defeat Shanghai Krauts FC. Shanghai Puxi Lions FC beat Shanghai United FC. 

Hebiguchi Cup Qualifiers

Long Tang AFC wins versus Happy FC. Kangbei United FC (above) edges out Anzacs FC. 

In the Premier League, the Shanghai Krauts FC did battle with the Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC. Having scored the 2000th goal for the Shooters last week, new recruit and uber-German Stefan ‘Kraut Slayer’ Sturm was ready and cocked for this encounter as well. 

A field that was recovering from rain greeted the teams enthusiastically. In truth it resembled something closer to the Great Front; a mix of sand and mud with trenches dug along the ground by a passing tractor. Well suited to a battle of attrition between German and British teams. This wasn’t going to be a spectators game. 

Wenger/Guardiola style passing football went out the window. Big Sam long ball and percentages was the order of the day; it goes early, it goes long, was the general message coming from the two great dictators pacing the touchline. 

The Germans grouped together and began to look the more attractive dangerous while the Shooters continued playing the ball around causing themselves trouble. The Krauts then had a huge chance in a one on one but keeper Chris Banyard saved the effort. Offside saved the Shooters soon after and halftime came with a 0-0 score. 

At halftime the Shooters got a talking too (epic rant, in which at least one blood vessel blew). Shooter manager Broughton (above) reminded players of their roles and their instructions. He asked them all for one big push over the next half to wear the Krauts down.

In the second half, the Shooters began to look more dangerous pushing the Krauts back but the Germans defended well. The half wore on and superior Shooters fitness was beginning to tell. Just as a goal seemed likely to come, a Shooter received his marching orders and they had to continue the contest with ten men. 

This didn’t deter them and they threw everything they had to look for a winner. It came in the 89th minute ironically from the Shooters’ new German recruit Stefan ‘Kraut Slayer’ Sturm. American Tom ‘The Donald’ Webster launched a long throw into the box and it went through to Sturm who swiveled and half volleyed it into the net taking a 0-1 Shooters lead and that’s how the match ended. 

The Shooters went off to celebrate while the Krauts went to an eatery (below) and drowned their sorrows having lost a game in the last 5mins for the second week running. Even the dog was sad! Stefan Sturm received man of the match honors for singlehandedly sinking Das Boot. 

The Shanghai Puxi Lions FC locked horns with Shanghai United. The Lions had a big squad with four legends to help out and 15 year old goalie Riccardo Cuda making his debut. Referee Kevin was in fine form and firmly in control of the match. 

The Lions plan was to score quickly in order to rotate the team with all the subs. However, United was not coming to open the door and they defended well in the beginning of the match. 

As the half wore on, David Rosenberg came close to scoring but the ball just went wide. The Lions kept creating chances and debutant Andrei Ghicu opened the score taking a 1-0 Lions lead, which was also the halftime score. 

Halftime team talk was all about bringing smiles back, enjoy the game more and be more positive. It worked well and smiles returned when Felix Vroegop doubled the score to 2-0. When Nicolas Bouchou came on to the pitch he first hit the cross bar with a thunderbolt and soon after he fired a precise shot in the top corner for 3-0. 

The Lions’ fourth goal was the best of the day and it came about from short combinations over the left followed by a perfect cross from Allen Mendel that found Kevin Berrtille flying in slamming the ball in the net for 4-0. 

United played several counters and did get some space but Cuda was fearless on his debut and stopped all attempts. Allen Mendel came close to scoring from a great Azzeddine through ball but his lob lacked power. Bouchou then scored his second to make it 5-0. 

Towards the end of the match Big John (Evgeny Kolstov) went up front when the Lions were awarded a corner, which was taken by Azzeddine. 

Big John (#16) rose to the occasion and scored with a beautiful header to the delight of all Lions for a final 6-0 score line. Goal scorers below: Felix Vroegop, Nicolas Bouchou, Evgeny Kolstov, Kevin Berrtille and Andrei Ghicu.

The Lions kept a clean sheet and went on to Pistoleras where all new shoes had to sing songs the entire night. Lions’ Benji Guerin (#69) received man of the match honors. 

Shanghai United took matters in their own hands and started an aggressive scouting campaign in parks and universities in Shanghai. With that their title aspirations will get a new boost. 

Hebiguchi Cup Qualifiers 

Happy FC met Long Tang AFC in a Chinese derby to determine which team starts in the first round of the Hebiguchi Cup. Long Tang’s new recruits worked well for them in the previous game and they continued to have a major impact in this match as well. 

The first half started and both teams were ready. Long Tang dominated the midfield while HFC looked for fast breaks via quick combinations. HFC drew first blood when Qifa Li opened the scoring taking a 1-0 HFC lead. Long Tang then upped the pace and quickly equalized for 1-1. Two more goals followed and the half ended 1-3 to Lang Tang. 

Long Tang continued with their attacking ways and scored two more for a final 1-5 Long Tang victory and a place in the lucrative Hebiguchi Cup. 

Rui Wang (2), Qinchuan Liu, Hantao Ren and Liang Shan scored the Long Tang goals. Long Tang’s keeper Yifei Wu received man of the match honors. 

Kangbei United FC (above) crossed swords with Anzacs FC. Kangbei started the match with 10 players and focused on defense. The Anzacs attacked and the dam broke around 20mins in, as Joe Hatch cut inside, and fired a shot across into the corner for the opening goal 0-1. 

Kangbei’s 11th man turned up, but before he could contribute, the Anzacs added a second, as Neil Beckitt finally adjusted his radar to ‘goal’ and not ‘car park’, turning in home a Joe Hatch cross and a 0-2 Anzacs lead. 

All was going swimmingly so of course it didn’t last for the Anzacs. When Kangbei were awarded a free kick outside the box, Jackson Katta stepped up and rammed it in to pull one back at 1-2. The Anzacs then went forward again and their best chance came when Sebastian Zhang cut inside to hammer a shot that came back off of the bar. The first half ended 1-2. 

In the second half the Anzacs struggled to find anything like as much fluency or even possession while Kangbei upped the pressure and the game became a lot tighter. When Kangbei’s left winger found space, his cross picked out Katta in the centre to fire into the corner for 2-2.

The Anzacs were getting more frustrated going forward but did get a couple of runs through. Right at the death man of the match Jackson Katta (above) dropped deep, picked the ball up, rode a tackle, kept going and as the Anzacs struggled to catch up to him, placed his shot in the corner for his hattrick and the winner. The match ended 3-2.

FC Oranje (above) planned a 7s tournament in Saigon Vietnam but the pitch encountered some old mines so that the management decided agaisnt playing there. Instead the boys went to the number one sports bar in town Cages and had a blast. Oranjeboom was there!


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