Shanghai Lions Football Club

SIFL Opening Tournament on Sept 8, 2012

Please find below the schedule of the opening tournament. Tournament is from 10am to 4pm and it’s 8 aside.
For the 1st round, we are in group C and each team will play 5 games at least, and there are 2 cups to fight for.


  • first round with 4 groups of 5, each team plays each other
  • a second round for 8 teams only
  • quarter finals
  • semi final
  • final


  • Game 1: Lions Vs. Sauerkrauts / From 10.00 to 10.18
  • Game 2: Oranje Vs. Lions / From 10.36 10.54
  • Game 3: Lions Vs. 3-United / From 11.30 11.48
  • Game 4: Vikings Vs. Lions / From 12.06 12.24


  • Tournament is 8 aside
  • A win gives 3 points, a draw 1 point and a loss 0 point.
  • Ranking per group after R1 are decided on points, goal difference, scored goals, head to head result
  • Ranking of the 4 numbers 3 is decided on points, goal difference, scored goals, flip of a coin
  • If a team is 5 minutes late, a 0-3 loss will be awarded. If both teams are 5 minutes late, result will be 0-0 and both teams get 0 points
  • Games will be 1 x 15 minutes without change. After the match there’s 3 minutes to change for the next match. Make sure your team is at the right pitch on time
  • Group placing will be decided on a) points b) Goal difference c) in between result d) Goals scored e) sudden death penalty shoot out.
  • For knock out games, after a tie it will go straight to a 3 penalty shoot-out

If you’d like to register for this event, it’s here

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