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SIFL opening tournament Young Lions team exit at quarters !



it seemed hard on the day to get a full Lions squad out but it gave playing opportunity to new players and very young players ! Simon suddenly realized he was the oldest Lion on the pitch as long as the President himself didn’t enter of course….! The rain stopped and the start looked promising beating Voodoo Child 2-1 in the second game we beat H stone the new first division team 3-0 next up was 3united and again a good performance with solid defense 2-0 victory. Last in the group stage were the Anzacs and although we were already qualified we still managed a 1-0 win. After the break we would either face the Azzurri or the Shooters and we knew it woud be a different game. It was the Shooters with a 16 players squad vs our 8 youngster. Beforehand we explained about the physical tactics of the Shooters and it proved to be hard for us especially on the wings the Shooters found space and came close a few times / They clinched the 1-0 after we failed to mark our players after that it was the Lions pushing forwards and came closest by a free kick which was saved by Chris Banner. Despite the disappointment afterwards we did gain valuable experience !


Cheers Freek

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