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[SPL News] Six rounds to go for the SPL

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

Life is good ! Especially spring time in Shanghai with great weather and green grass ! The SPL is heading for its final six rounds and all teams are still in the running for something at the bottom we have a fierce battle between the Galacticos and Super 48 and the Pistolera Bulls, Japan, Shanghai 2000, Flamenkos and ERS are fighting for a top 5 finish and the Lions,Marlins,Gremio and the Cowboys are going to battle it out for the title. Each of these four teams still needs to play each other it can’t get any better than this !

This week we are pleased to announce that we have our first Estrella Galicia “SPL team of the week” award. The winner is…Super 48 ! Trust all of us agree on this as they went through a transformation of being old and slow into being young and fast. Not sure how they did it but they managed to give all the SPL teams a hard time this season. This Sunday they will receive free boxes Estrella Galicia beer ! Congratulations !

Another point worth mentioning is that we in the SPL have scored an all time record of 550 goals already !

We had only three games last Sunday:

  • Galacticos 3-6 Cowboys

Given the fact that it was formula 1 weekend in Shanghai and being able to score three goals against the Cowboys you can give credit to the Galacticos who stood up against the Cowboys in the heat of Shanghai.

  • Super 48 1-6 Marlins

The old super 48 used to build a blue wall on their half as they didn’t have the energy to push forward now being younger they were moving forward but that proved to be fatal against the Marlins as they have the best Goal Scoring Machine in the SPL ! The already scored 94 goals ! First half 0-2 and Gui scored a hat-trick and a nice goal from Jonny to make it six. Super scored a super conciliation goal.

  • Pistolera Bulls 1-5 ERS

It was a battle of the fittest as the perfect large pitch at Century Park combined with the 28 degrees temperatures took their toll on some of the players. First half was even 1-2 fr the French Friends. In the second half more Pistolera Bulls players were looking at their bench but the two subs were out of energy already not motivated to come back. As the defense was opened ERS who were fitter on the day had many occasions to score. In the end they scored another three. Bilgin was booked by Kevin for “Hugging a French Player” god bless it was not for a French Kiss ! He collected his 11th yellow of the season !

This weekend we have 4 games for you and please come out and support your team and have ice cold beer after the games !

  • 1100-1300 PM Galacticos – ERS
  • 1300-1500 PM Super 48 – Flamenkos
  • 1500-1700 PM Japan – Marlins
  • 1400-1600 PM Shanghai 2000- Gremio


Enjoy Life Enjoy the SPL


Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

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