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SPL in the final stage !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,


We have been very fortunate with the weather this season quite incredible no cancelations sofar ! There was heavy down pour last Saturday and the forecast for Sunday was bad. I got several text messages from Captains worrying about the weather but knowing the conditions of the fields and a quick check on the Jinqiao field confirmed the fields were top notch / thanks to the hard work of the Grass Masters ! The last games will determine the final ranking and an interesting battle for second place will continue between the Cowboys/Gremio/Marlins and the Bulls are secured 5th and can still clinch 4th spot / In the middle of the pack Flamenkos/SFL/Japan/ERS/Shanghai 2000 can move up or down one or two spots. At the lower end of the SPL the Galacticos theoretically still can catch Super 48 but need to win all the remaining games !


Cowboys – Gremio 2-2

Great game of football with Gremio starting very strong taking a 0-2 lead. The game was interrupted for 10 minutes as the ball went missing ! Mikael Gremio’s stand in goal keeper found out how hard it was to be a goalie as the Cowboys leveled the score 2-2. In the second half the game was very even Gremio dictating the play and the Cowboys playing on the counter only. The Cowboys came close with a thunderbolt on the cross bar. Just before the end suddenly all players rushed off the field as apparently they found out that the Parking Police was around not to watch the game but to give fines to all the cars parked along the field ! It stayed 2-2 in a fair game with a fair result.


Super 48 – SFL FC 2-4

Super 48 missed the surprise factor as in the past they would score an early goal but this time they were in trouble right after kick –off. A motivated SFL FC scored 4 goals in the first 20 minutes the turnaround came when one of their players was sent off and it gave the chance to Super 48 to come back in the game with two goals.


Shanghai 2000 – Galacticos 6-0

Galacticos tried hard to get a result as it would boost their spirit for the last couple of games but Shanghai 2000 were better in taking the opportunities and more dangerous with two sharp strikers upfront !


Marlins – ERS 2-1

Great pitch and good game of football. Both team had two passionate managers trying to coach their team to victory on the side line ! ERS defended very well in the early part of the game but against the left footed strike of Marlins Alejandro there was nothing they could do about as it landed in the top corner ! 1-0 half time and in the second half ERS pushed more forward however the Marlins goalie in fine form denied them on a few occasions. As it goes in football when you push forward you tend to concede and that happened when Kevin muscled his way thru the ERS defends and score the 2-0. The hard work of ERS paid off as the score by a free kick of Yannick but it was not enough to get a point.


Flamenkos – Pistolera Bulls 5-0

We received a rare message from Bilgin calling the game off on Sunday due to lack of players. He informed us about his serious injury and was straight off to Europe for treatment ! We hope they can fix him up as soon as possible as we need Bilgin for our Mini-World Cup and Party afterwards ! We wish him a speedy recovery !

We have 5 games this coming Sunday and hope that you all will enjoy our last games of this great season in good spirit and fun !


You will get a separate email about the Mini World Cup as the organization is in full swing and it looks like its going to be an amazing event. Don’t worry all SPL players will be the main characters in this Block Buster !


Enjoy May in Shanghai best time of the year to play Football !


Cheers Freek / SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

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