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SPL is getting exciting again

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

It was beautiful weather last Sunday and we had all teams in action either in Jinqiao or Waigaoqiao ! Unfortunately the perfect grass pitch of Century Park is no longer available for us ! The top teams in the league have not had any slip ups yet and its busy at the top with the Lions three point clear and Century Park and the Marlins right behind them. All the games have been played in great spirit and its good to see that in Jinqiao so many local people are watching our games !

MMFC 1-14 Lions

The Lions came up with a surprise upfront as the played their goalie Radouane on top. The told him that he was the new Zlatan and it worked as he scored within one minute. Soon the lions got a second but MMFC got one back after sloppy defending. In the end the Lions started to pass the ball faster and quicker and our Japanese friends were pushed back. The first half ended 1-9 and obvious that the second half was played at a slower pace but still 5 balls ended in the net the last of them by a hand of god by the President himself.

Krauts 0-5 Century Park

Bilgin opted for defense first and placed himself right in the middle of the defense. It seemed to work as despite a few corners CP FC was not very dangerous. Bilgin picked up his yellow card in style but CP FC picked up some yellow cards as well. The game could have been changed if the Krauts converted their penalty but the ball went into the trees killing a few birds. Right before half time CP FC took the lead after an unstoppable shot just outside the box. It lifted CP FC spirit and Bilgin’s team had to open up more to at least get a point from this game. However they couldn’t hold the balls upfront and the pressure mounted. CP FC took advantage and sealed the three points by two quick consecutive goals of Dan Kim after one hour of play. In the final minutes CP FC added to more to make it 0-5 for the youngsters !

Galacticos 1-7 ERS

As we know the pitch at SCSC is not in good condition due to unexpected winter rains it makes it hard to play but it’s the same for both teams. The spirit was good helped by the weather and the match was entertaining.

Japan 2-4 Marlins

With no Steve and Banksy to manage the Marlins it was an interesting test for the team to perform. They took the lead by a Moss free kick after 20 minutes. Japan tried to get back in the game and did so with a good run by their left winger and left stand in goalie Watson with no chance. The half time score was 1-1. Both teams got chances to take the lead in the second half but the goalies were in fine form. But with 20 minutes left Japan took the lead after a good finish. The Marlins needed a tactical master stroke as the clock was ticking……..they levelled by a set piece and now they wanted all three points they got by two more goals from Moss and good old Pete Rosselli.


This coming Sunday we have all teams in action again !

  • 1230-1430 Krauts vs ERS @ Jinqiao
  • 1430-1630 MMFC vs Marlins @ Jinqiao
  • 1300-1500 Japan vs Lions @ SCSC
  • 1500-1700 Galacticos vs Century Park FC


Lets enjoy the games as spring is around the corner !


Freek / Yamada-san

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