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[SPL News] SPL getting more interesting week by week

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

What an unbelievable weather we witnessed last weekend. Saturday we faced the hottest day since 1874 even during the night it was 26 degrees but when we were ready to kick off the SPL games on Sunday it was freezing cold and barely 8 degrees ! Well the SPL is for tough teams who can play under any weather circumstances and that’s what we did. We saw some top contenders dropping points over the weekend which makes it even more exciting at the top !

  • Galacticos 0-5 Japan

Fair game with no cards. Galacticos are trying to regroup themselves and are building on a new team some big signings are said to be in the pipe-line. Japan struggling this season was very happy with all the three points.

  • ERS 2-2 Marlins

The French tried to end their poor run were very motivated to get a good result. The Marlins in the early part of the season a goal scoring machine are now finding it more difficult to find the net. ERS took a solid two nil lead in the first half. Even in the second half all looked fine for them however with 20 minutes to go Mcgoo once again brought the Marlins back in the game and another goal by Gui made the final result. No winner and mixed feelings for both teams !

  • Super 38 3-0 Cowboys

The strong wind at Waigaoqiao did play a major role in the game. First half the cowboys had the wind in their backs and took advantage with a simple 0-2 lead. In the second half Super 38 showed their intentions and started to attack helped by the wind. The cowboys lost the grip on the game and a penalty brought the Japanese one goal back. Frustration started to creep in the Cowboys game and there was another foul in the edge of the box. Debatable whether in or outside but the referee gave another penalty 2-2 ! Super 38 was flying high and scored with a superb header the winner 3-2 ! At this stage all the cowboys were frustrated and a clear foul of one of their players was a straight red. With 5 minutes on the clock all Cowboys went for an early shower which cost them a 3-0 defeat.

After Bilin’s good team performances of the last couple of weeks some of his best players got offers from European Clubs. In order to cash in some money Bilgin sent them on loan. So no Stoyan for instance. Of course if you face the lions you will not get an easy game and they took a 2-0 lead at half time. Second half the Lions had the strong wind in the back and added three more goals. Bilgin comment after the game “ we are quite happy with 0-5 loss only “ summed it up for the day.

  • Shanghai 2000 2-5 Flamenkos

Open game especially in the first half with both teams playing attacking football. Flamenkos scored two goals in five minutes and went into the dressing room with a 0-3 lead. Shanghai 2000 came out stronger after a strong half time talk of Karl and managed a goal back. Pressure was mounting and Nic the Flamenkos goalie needed to avoid the 2-3 by fouling the player resulting in an early shower for him. Last week the Flamenkos also played with 10 men so it seems they are ok with that as they made 1-4 ! Final score 2-5.


Interesting times in the SPL and every week we see some surprise results. First we have our Captains meeting this Thursday at Dr Beer and Sunday we have 5 teams in action ! We hope the weather will be normal and the rain will be less !

  • 1000-1200 Galacticos – Gremio
  • 1200-1400 Cowboys – Flamenkos
  • 1400-1600 Pistolera Bulls – Marlin
  • 1400-1600 Japan – ERS @ Waigaoqiao
  • 1400-1600 Shanghai 2000 – Super 48 @ Century Park


Enjoy the SPL !


Freek – SPL President on behalf of the committee

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