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SPL in good shape !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

We had another good SPL weekend with a typical Shanghai weather phenomenon !

On Saturday we were surprised by the sudden heat with temperatures rising to over 27 degrees ! But when we woke up for the SPL games it was windy/rainy with temperatures only at 15 degrees. Nonetheless everybody enjoyed the games and it was good to see Century Park back as venue.

Total of 30 goals in 4 games is a good entertainment level and typical for the SPL !

Pistolera Bulls – Flamenkos 8-3

The Bulls strategy was to play counter attack only and it proved to be very efficient for them as they had 5 attacks and 5 goals in the first half, 5-1. In the second half the Flamenkos got their best 20 minutes of the game and managed to come back at 5-3 and got a clear chance to make it 5-4 however man of the match the Bulls Goalie saved it. After that the fitness started to kick in for the Flamenkos and Bulls scored another three to make it 8-3 ! Bilgin again couldn’t get a yellow card and now has to fear for his Mr Yellow Card title at the end of the season. Will be interesting to see how will be his successor !

Shanghai 2000 – Lions 1-2

The pitch was in perfect condition after the winterseed break and the score board was flashing the SPL + Teams logo’s ! Shanghai 2000 has an improved side as they have been training hard to get fitter and better. It seemed to have worked as they held the Lions to 1-1 in the first half. Lions were trying to kill birds in the park as many shots went high in the trees and indeed a few birds were killed during the game. As it goes with Champions they managed to score the winner just two minutes before the end by a header of Adam after a free kick !

Galacticos – ERS 0-5

ERS scored after two minutes but after that it became harder for them as Galacticos were playing well in defense and they lost their goalie. In the second half as it often happens the fitness level made the difference. Man of the match was the Galacticos goalie as he saved a lot of shots to keep the score at 5 ! ERS manager Nicolas praised the mentally of the Galacticos players after the game as they kept playing without shouting to each other or the referee despite losing !

SFL FC – Cowboys 2-9

The cowboys are cruising at the moment. They are a fit and well organized side who have been playing together for many years. The newcomer SFL FC managed to score first but that was about it. First half it was 1-6 for the Cowboys and the second half they stopped at 9 to get a 2-9 victory ! Next weekend we have another 4 games round and after that we will have our first ever 6 games weekend ! We are looking forward to the games and lets keep our spirit high and friendly no matter win or lose we enjoy playing football in Shanghai !

1200-1400 Galacticos – Cowboys at Jinqiao

1400-1600 SFL FC – Gremio at Jinqiao

1300-1500 Shanghai 2000 – Flamenkos at Century Park

1500-1700 Super 48 – ERS at Century Park Enjoy the games

Cheers Freek SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

Ps we congratulate Super 48 with organizing a very successful Shanghai Masters Tournament for over 40 years old players. They got 12 teams of 11 aside playing for the title ! Well done ! We scored a goad after two minutes but then two thins happened. Galacticos defended well and for sure we missed several occasions but we lost our goal keeper after twenty minutes and i had to take his place for the rest of first half. Then second half tow of my players shared the goalkeeping function pretty well and we managed to score three more goals as Galacticos were getting tired. I appreciate this team because despite defeat they never shout at each other and keep playing. A special congratulation to their goalkeeper who saved many of our occasions.

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