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The SPL is heating up !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,


Again we had rain during the week and a dry Sunday some teams already played 14 games this season and we are just at the beginning of march. Hopefully we get a fantastic spring which will add to the pleasure in playing football in Shanghai ! The standing is now more looked at and it doesn’t matter whether you on top or at the bottom of the SPL everybody is fighting for a good place at the end of the season !


SFL FC – Super 48 3-0 An important game at the bottom of the SPL as both teams were on 9 points before this game. Super 48 is missing their usual quick goals and failed to score in the last couple of games. SFL took advantage and took all three points helped by two goals of their manager Dave. Fair game no cards needed.


Marling – Gremio 1-1 Top flight game as both teams were looking for a win to stay close to the leaders. An early red card for the Marlins changed their game plan as they were forced to defend more. Francesco the Italian striker of Gremio give them a 0-1 lead into half time. The second half started and now it was Gremio who got an early red card. The Marlins smelled their opportunity and started to press forward. Banksy equalized with a header from a corner. The game didn’t stop here as the Marlins kept pressing forward and Gremio was very dangerous on the counter attack. Both teams got changes but  it was because of  outstanding performances of the goalies that the game ended in 1-1 !


Lions – ERS 1-1 It was the first drop of points of the Lions this season. They had a very thin squad with only 11 players but no excuse here as in the first half they had enough opportunities to score but failed to do so. It was 0-0 at half time The credit goes to ERS who sensed that the longer it stayed like that there could be in surprise in the air ! They defended well and work hard and with 10 minutes to go Chakib slipped through the lions defense and scored what they thought could be the winner 0-1 ! As it goes often with a Champions team the game is not over until the last second is played and it was a fine effort from Azzedine who saved the Lions in the very last second of the game with a low strike in the corner !


Cowboys – Galacticos 7-3 Absolute fun game some of the cowboys were stuck in traffic and had no preparation for the game. For the galacticos there is no pressure this season and were happy to score first. As both teams played on full attack mode and didn’t seem to bother about defense there were numerous scoring opportunities, in the end the spectacle stopped with 10 goals and no cards !


Flamenkos – Japan 0-0 In the SPL 0-0 scores are extremely rare and I don’t even remember when was the last time ! We can call it the game of the missed opportunities from both teams as that’s what it was !


Shanghai 2000 – Pistolera Bulls 4-6 Looks like  tennis set and a typical Bulls game with loads of goals and a few cards. The Bulls took a 0-4 lead with their striker Stas on fire again scoring 4 goals. Shanghai 2000 never gave up and tried to get back in the game with two goals 2-4. Bulls were next 2-5 and meanwhile Bilgin got a red card as he was the last man defending and had to bring the Shanghai 2000 striker down. Nice for his collection and there were no consequences for the game as with the rest of the goals 3-5, 3-6, 4-6 the Bulls were back to winning after two defeats.


This coming Sunday we have 5 games on the menu and surely we can expect good battles and lots of goals !


1200-1400 Japan – Super 48 at Jinqiao

1400-1600 Marlins – Cowboys at Jinqiao

1200-1400 Gremio – Galacticos at WGQ

1300-1500 Flamenkos – Shanghai 2000 at Century Par

1500-1700 Lions – SFL FC at Century Park


Lets play fair and have fun and enjoy the best league on Sundays !


Cheers Freek / SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee !

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