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SPL kicked off season 12 !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,


It was good to be back in action and to see many old friends on the pitch ! Teams are not up to full fitness yet but we have seen already great games of football ! Three red cards of course was not a good way to start but apologies from all people involved helped the circumstances. It is here where the team Captains play a vital role as they can always step in to help out the situation. We are playing to enjoy our favorite sport and during games there might be an argument here and there but after the match we do shake hands as the game is over and it’s time for a beer for everybody !


Gremio – Japan 4-1 Japan was showing their new red outfit for the first time ! However Gremio controlled the first half with Kercio scoring two goals with his trademark cutting in from the right side and score in the corner of the goal. Francesco scored a nice header after a perfect cross of Xu to make it 3-0 at half time. An argument resulted into Cater to be asked his marching orders. This forced Gremio to play defensive. Japan got one goal back before Francesco made the final score at 4-1


Lions – AVL Galacticos 2-0 Galacticos changed their name and changed their Kit and changed 60 pct of their team ! Its good to see that they are back and being well organized thanks to Vaughn. The Lions were playing to slow and predictable in the first half and 0-0 at half time gave the AVL Galacticos hope and confidence for the second half. However the Lions decided it was time for the youngster to show their skill. With 6 young Lions in the squad they picked up the pace and scored two goals one from a free kick scored by leftie Nicolas and another one by a header from Dave.


Marlins – Shanghai 2000 3-3 Great game of football. Shanghai 2000 project to let the youngsters play is paying off dividend as they are getting better and better. Marlins decided to be active in the transfer market instead of looking for youth players not sure how much money they have spent over the summers but looks like a bunch of rmb’s !! After one minute Shanghai 2000 took the lead but Marlins equalized thru Zhu. Still Shanghai 2000 proved to be more clinical and made it 1-3 by goals of Nick and Song. Marlins got a late goal from Zhu to make it 2-3 at half time. The second half the Marlins pushed forward and got the reward by goal no 3 from Zhu with 10 minutes to go. Good game of football with a fair result.


Cowboys – Super 48 5-2 The Cowboys lost some young players over the summer but kept their core group of players together. Super 48 seems to be expanding there squad every year. No surprise to find the first half score at 0-0 as the Cowboys struggled to break the “Blue Wall”. Second half it was easier and they scored 5 goals with a hat-trick of Sheng but Super 48 managed to score two goals ! Eric the Cowboys manager commented after the game that they felt to be playing against Super 28 so other teams you cannot say they we didn’t warn you !


Pistolera Bulls – ERS 4-1 A great game of football acknowledged by both managers. ERS dominated the first 30 minutes with new signing Kevin (ex Marlins) getting close to score a few times. It was 0-0 at half time but Stas from the Bulls opened the score in the second half and Stoyan added the second goal for the Bulls. ERS did come back but late in the Match by Andy right after the Bulls got a lucky penalty and Bilgin stepped up to score. Stas added one more to make it 4-1.

At the end there was a bust up between two players of each team which shouldn’t happen in the SPL. Both manager tried to help the situation and apologies were made afterwards. Two match ban for both players and a warning is what they got for their actions.


The weather forecast is good for this coming Sunday ! Sunny and 25 degrees !


We have the following program !


13:00  Gremio vs Super 48  at JQ

15:00  Marlins vs Pistolera Bulls  at JQ


13:00  Lions vs Shanghai 2000  at CPK

15:00  Flamenkos vs Japan  at CPK


12:00  Cowboys vs AVL Galacticos  at WGQ (SRFC)


Let’s make sure we keep the red cards in the referees pocket and enjoy playing football in Shanghai !


Cheers Freek / SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee


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