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SPL Lions don’t like Halloween…

[ SPL ] Shanghai LIONS 1-1 Japan FC

Fist game in WAIGAOQIAO for SPL Lions & good condition to play against the Japanese team but it seems that SPL Lions and Halloween party cannot work together…

We were just 11 when the game start… We were close to start playing at 10 against Japan, which is something I cannot understand when we have 16 players selected… But anyway, thanks to the Lions who show up on time… We start the game against the ‘old’ Japan team and we played well but we had difficulties to finish and to score. Lions get the possession of the ball, but still to slow when approaching the 20 meter of Japanese Goal. Finally, we score a goal with Joel, who get some help from Japanese defender. 1-0  at half time. Lions control the game in this fist 45 minutes.

Subs are here and came in during the second half time. Japanese team change a bit and is faster in midfield. 10 first minute Japanese make some pressure and finally get a penalty… 1-1. But Lions don’t give up and play again. Ball is in our possession… We have a lot of opportunity to score, but even our best score Joel couldn’t make it and missed his duel with the Japanese goalkeeper… Maxime came in for the last 10 minutes, but referee choice to short our game !!! Game ended on this score, which sounds like a defeat for the SPL Lions.


Hope that players remember that we need to be a bit serious if we want to finish on the Top of the League…



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