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SPL Lions vs Galacticos : A one-way game…

[ SPL ] Shanghai LIONS 10-0 Galacticos FC

Beautiful weather, beautiful pitch and 17 players ready and on time to start the game… That’s sounds good! Lions need to confirm they ambition with this new game and need to forget the bad performance against Cowboys.…

Game start and Lions start to play well and in high position and Matthieu scored a fast goal… But after this all the player of Galacticos team defend very deep. It’s difficult for the Lions to be in good position an have another opportunity to score one more goal. Lions let run the ball but are too slow. Galacticos have time to come back in defense to not let the Lions score. Finally, Maxime take his chance and shoot from the 16  meters… Goal… 2-0 for the Lions at the half time.

Lions need to play faster and that’s why starting the 2nd half, we use our subs to get this speed… Lions are still making pressure but play faster. This works well and goals are scored in a couple of minutes by Joel and Matthieu… Galacticos try they best but couldn’t reach the Lions football level. Joel, Matthieu, Patricio and Jack finish the work of the Lions.

10-0 for the Lions. Nice game and good team spirit. Garret can relax…

But it wouldn’t be so  easy every week-end as we could see it in the game Hawks vs Marlins (5-5)


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