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[SPL News] SPL escaped the rains!

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

What a crazy weekend it was as the rain caused by a strong typhoon didn’t seem to stop games in other leagues were cancelled on Friday and Saturday and we had to fear for the worst……..but when we woke up on Sunday it was SUNNY ! The pitches at SCSC had held up very well during the rains and they were in very good condition. We had two SPL V games and three SPL and on Saturday we had our first ever SPL U16 11 aside league game ! We are running 5 leagues at the moment and have requests for more, SPL U8 / SPL U16 / SPL U19 / SPL and SPL V !

Japan – ERS 0-5

It was a classic game where ERS had most of the possession and Japan was waiting for the slip up to counter on a break. ERS kept the pace of the game high and had some good combinations. One of them resulted in the first goal and that was the score at half time. In the second half Japan had to come more forward but it costed them dearly as ERS slipped thru their defense a couple of time. In the end they scored another 4 goals one of them by a penalty to make the final score 0-5 !

Galacticos – Krauts 3-6

Where Bilgin had 30 players in the first game of the season his men were only 9 at the start of the game…..Galacticos smelled an opportunity but against their will they found themselves down 0-1 after only 5 minutes ! I will sum up the score line to show you how the game developed !
0-1, 1-1, 1-2, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4, 3-4, 3-5, 3-6 ! Plenty of goals and at half time 2-2 kept the Galacticos in the race but an inform Stas proved to be too hard to defend for them ! Bilgin has been missing again but this time his troop won.

Lions – Moksal Magic 7-1

Super 48 was replaced by Moksal Magic and their first game was straight against the Lions. The Lions took an early lead after 5 minutes by a header of Mathieu and soon made it 2-0 after that Moksal showed more eagerness to win the game and got a few opportunities but found an inform Lions goalie Dim in the way. In the second half the Lions played much better and extended their lead by goals of Felix 3 Rosie and the President himself one week short of being 53 scored in the last 5 minutes. Moksal biggest chance came by a penalty but Dim stopped the effort. So 7-1 and a fair and nice game of football !


This Sunday we will play at SCSC again as the family day in Jinqiao was moved to this weekend!

  • 1300 ERS vs Krauts @ SCSC
  • 1300 Lions vs Japan @ SCSC
  • 1500 Marlins vs Galacticos @ SCSC

Lets enjoy the games and the October weather before the winter kicks IN !


Freek / Yamada-san

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