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[SPL News] SPL Poster

SPLDear Team Managers / Captains,

We discussed the idea to make our own Football Posters to promote the SPL and Live Football in Green City at our last Captains meeting.

With the great artistic help of Dan from the Marlins you can see the fantastic result !

We noticed that on Sundays more and more spectators are watching our games from the different sides of the fields.

It’s hard to watch good level football games in Shanghai and the location and atmosphere at Green City is build for Football.

We like to see more and more people watching our games and that’s why we made the SPL Poster.

We will give each of you 5 posters and please make sure you hang them in the right places, like your sponsors (Blue Marlin, Pistolera, Bloc, Bounty Bar, etc…), schools or compounds near the field.

The idea is to have new posters every two weeks so that people get to know who is playing and at what time.

If you need more posters please let me know / will hand you out the posters on Sunday and please hang them in the right place ASAP !


Long live football in Shanghai / Long live the SPL



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