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SPL is ready for the year of the Horse !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,


We have to say good bye to the year of the snake and welcome the year of the horse ! We consulted with a well known feng shui master to give us some insight what to expect in the year of the horse and whether there is any impact on the SPL !


There will be bush fires running out of control in Indonesia, Philippines, Tasmania, Australia and New Zealand there are not much bushes left in China so we should be ok !


2014 will produce extreme hot weather it will bring natural disasters. The year of the horse 2014 has only 3 dragons producing water out of the total 12 dragons who can produce water. We do expect less rainfall in 2014 which is good for the SPL as we can play more not so good for the our grass master of course !


In the year of the horse sometimes kindness will be transformed into anger. There will be more protests, riots, clashes, conflicts, explosions, gun fire. I have notified the referees all ready to keep all the clashes under control.


In the year of the horse there are more liver and heart related issues. The master advise everybody to exercise more which is good news for the SPL !


The horse was our way of transport in the past and now has been replaced by the car. The car industry will have hard time this year. Guess that’s not bad as there way too many cars in China back to the bicycle everybody ! The Horse will clash with the Rat this year and companies which have logo’s that look like a rat will have difficulties, Micky mouse and Qantas can be in trouble, god bless our logo has the pearl tower !


With the world cup around the corner we are pretty sure it will be a fantastic football year !


We had our 6 last games in the year of the snake :


Japan – Cowboys 5-12 Very strange game in the first half Japan fielded the old and experience players but got smashed 0-11 that’s a goal every 4 minutes !! In the second half the Cowboys took it easy and let the older player play and the Japanese switch the younger ones. The second half Japan won 5-1 !


Marlins – Lions 3-5 Big game which turned out to be a fierce battle with players giving it all for 90 minutes ! Lions took the lead by a long range shot of Adam but the Marlins equalized right before half time with a header from a corner. In the second half the Lions took the lead again on a fast counter attack. The marlins didn’t give up here and got a penalty awarded which they converted to equalize. Adam scored his hat-trick to give the lions the lead for the third time and soon after the Lions took control by scoring two more goals. Another penalty for the Marlins made the final score 3-5.


Super 48 – Flamenkos 2-3 A close encounter mainly due to the fact the Super 48 is an improved side this season. First half was 1-0 for Super 48 but the Flamenkos eager to get win proved to be more clinical in front of the goal and took all three points !


Gremio – ERS 3-1 Early in the game ERS got some opportunities but failed to take them and as it most of the time goes in football the other team would score. Gremio did that and scored three goals by Zhubiao and Kercio. In the second half Gremio controlled the game to keep the points but ERS managed to get a goal back but had no power left for more goals.


Galacticos – Shanghai 2000 0-5 This time a real game of football on a great venue. Both teams eager to get a win but Shanghai 2000 proved to be fitter on the day and took the three points.


SFL FC – Pistolera Bulls 4-6 Bulls started strong as they are on a good SPL run and played with confidence. They took a easy 0-4 lead and SFL FC pulled on back thru a penalty. In the second half SFL pushed for a result and came back to 3-4 however the Bulls had no problem to keep scoring and kept the three points for themselves. Another high-light was the fact that Bilgin’s son was watching his father play (see picture) for the first time and right in front of him he collected his yellow card. It looks like the legacy of the yellow cards will stay in the family as his son is smarter than his father and a fast learner !


On February the 16th we have 6 games :


1200-1400 Lions – Pistoler Bulls at Jinqiao


1400-1600 SFL FC – Galacticos at Jinqiao


1200-1400 Gremio – Japan at WGQ


1200-1400 ERS – Flamenkos at WGQ


1400-1600 Marlins – Super 48 at WGQ


1300-1500 Shanghai 2000 – Cowboys at Century Park


Please keep in mind that we cannot accept request for postponements anymore.


Enjoy the break and see you all in the year of the horse !


Cheers Freek / SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee !


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