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[ SPL ] Shanghai Lions 0 – 2 Cowboys

2nd game for the Lions SPL this Sunday again the Cowboys.

Lions faced a total new Cowboy team with only 3 players from last year.

Game started on time but due to heavy rain, stopped immediately after 1 minute. it restarted back 10 minutes later on a soggy pitch, which was not really convenient for Lions football style…

[ SPL ] Shanghai Lions 0 - 2 Cowboys - Rainy Sunday

Cowboys were faster and better in the beginning of the game… Finally and logically, they scored the first goal while Lions were not very well organized to fight again this fast runners. We decided then to change the way we play and bring in our American wall and switch to 3-5-2 format. Step by step Lions came back in the game… until this action where our hot blood Garret retaliate to a Chinese defender who just kicked Nico in the back. Referee took the call: RED card for both Garret and the Chinese guy and 10 vs 10 after 20 min game… Lions played a bit better but still had difficulties to manage their fast strikers. Finally, Cowboy scored a second goal just before half time…

2nd half started and Lions played better but unfortunately not good enough to score a goal. Shots were not reaching the target and center were not precise enough to score… We fought until the last minute but we have to admit that Cowboy were better than us that bloody rainy Sunday and did a very good 1st half.

0-2 as final score and first defeat in 2012/2013 SPL season. This game should remind us that we have to continuously work together if we want to reach SPL top 3.

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