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SPL to support the “Will Foundation” at the Santa Cup

Dear team managers, captains & players,

Christmas is the time to spend with your family and friends ! It’s for this reason we organize the SANTA Cup to be able to enjoy our beloved game of football together with all our friends. We are fortunate that we are able to play our matches week after week and that we are able to make so many news friends though football !

We have been thinking to give back to the people who are less fortunate especially during this time of the year.

will-foundationWe have been in contact with Marten of the Will Foundation which was established on 2004. The foundation mission is to help the “unseen children” in China who are left behind without identity and most of the time with some disabilities. This Foundation has been doing great work over the years raising money and hope for the children. Currently they have 12 children who they are helping with learning creating and being active as a human being. They are building a house in Chongming Island (崇明岛) where these children will have the opportunity to be grow up in a good environment. These children love sports any sports and for sure Football so we have invited them to join the SANTA CUP.

We will play a match with them, take some nice pictures and we hope to raise money for them which the can use for their future.

We like to request each team to buy one sports item like a basket ball / soccer ball / volley ball / tennis racket (etc…) for them and we will give it to the children after the match. We will have a box at the field and in the Blue Marlin where you can donate money and we hope that all of you can contribute to a better future for the ones left behind !


We thank you upfront for your cooperation & See you at the SANTA CUP
PS: Some mothers will sell Christmas Cookies on the field and all the proceed will go to the foundation !


Freek / Yamada-san

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