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SPL is on track !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,


We have no complain about the weather gods this season. It seems on Sundays we miss the rains often or just get a little like last Sunday. Sofar no cancelations which is helping our schedule and its good to see that we over the first half. We had an unfortunate incident on the Dulwich field as Sport for Life’s Dave Cummings broke his leg with a blocking tackle. It was good to hear that everybody did their best help Dave and the ambulance arrived within 18 minutes. Dave will be out for several months and we do wish him a speedy recovery on behalf of everybody in the SPL !


Lions – Pistolera Bulls 4-1 Bilgin overslept but not sure that was the reason the Bulls took and early lead after 5 minutes. The wake up call was made and the Lions started to counter attack. Not without success as twice the scored with a header on the break. It was 2-1 at half time and the Bulls smelled an opportunity. They got a golden opportunity to equalize but stand in Lions goalie Francois saved from close range. As it goes in football if you don’t convert the opponent will do so and that’s what the Lions did by scoring two free kicks.


SFL FC – Galacticos 5-0 All the goals were in the first half and all scored by 5 different SFL players.  Galacticos is still in the process of rebuilding the team and we have confidence they will get there.


Gremio – Japan 4-3 Interesting game as Gremio took a comfortable 3-0 lead in the first half. They even added a fourth goal in the second half but with 15 minutes to go Japan hit the turbo button and increased the speed of play. Gremio was getting tired and conceded 3 goals. God bless the referee blow the whistle for Gremio as Mika commented later that if the game would have lasted another 5 minutes surely Japan would have equalized !


ERS – Flamenkos 0-4 The final result kept one side happy and one side unhappy. ERS commented that everything went wrong what could go wrong during a game.


Marlins – Super 48 9-1 The first half saw only two goals from the Marlins and the culprit was the Giant Super 48 goalie who had a superb half. In the second half there was no more blue wall and helped by Fedja who scored 4 and our own Grass Master Adam who scored his first goal for the Marlins they walked over the Super 48’s.


Shanghai 2000 – Cowboys 1-7 The game was decided in the first 20 minutes as the Cowboys were simply too fast and too decisive in front of the goal. It was 6-0 at half time but the Shanghai 2000 players and coach were happy with the second half performance as that ended in 1-1 !


On a positive note we can report that all games were played in friendly spirit and only a few yellow cards were needed during the games. Lets keep it this way and enjoy our games on Sunday ! We have another 6 games round this coming Sunday and the weather forecast is good and we might even have double digit temperatures !


1200-1400 SFL FC – Flamenkos at Jinqiao

1400-1600 Pistolera Bulls – Marlins at Jinqiao

1200-1400 Cowboys – ERS at WGQ

1200-1400 Gremio – Super 48 at WGQ

1400-1600 Lions – Galacticos at WGQ

1200-1400 Shanghai 2000 – Japan at Century Park


Enjoy football in Shanghai ! Cheers Freek / SPl President on behalf of the SPL Committee !

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