Our 1st Summer Youth Football Camp was a great success

Dear parents & football future stars, yesterday we ended our first Coerver Coaching & Lions FC Summer Youth Football Camp!

We have been very pleased and thank full for the support of all the parents, boys and girls. The setup of our summer program with two fields and 3 different age groups worked very well as from day one all the players felt comfortable in their age group. The boys and girls have been amazing during the camp! Everyone did his or her best during the games and matches. The atmosphere was very good and a lot of players made new friends during the three weeks. We battled rain and heat and gave the opportunity to make up the three days we couldn’t play due to the excess water in the fields!

The coaches have been motivated from day one until the end of the camp and for them, it was a real pleasure to work with the boys and girls! They made sure everybody went home with a smile and wanted to return the next day in a good mood! Therefore, a very BIG THANK YOU to all the parents, boys, and girls to make this camp a great success!

We wish everybody a good and healthy summer. We already miss you ALL and we’re looking forward to organizing it again next summer.

The Summer Youth Football Camp Team

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