Super Kylian M'Mamdouh Sunk Super 48

Super Kylian M’Mamdouh Sunk Super 48

Last Sunday, our legends were up against Japanese Super 48 for the final round of the league. In this round, SPL V teams are separated in 2 groups; our legends being in the “golden cup” playing all the top teams once more.

For this game, we had a well balanced squad of 18 players with Romain, Sylvain & Hiro coming back from injury. Masa-san was also here as guest star “on loan” from senior team. With a super sunny wheater, the conditions looked perfect for a good game of football.

However, the president got a bit annoyed having only 50% of the squad ready 15mn before quick-off. The team got ready just on time but received a well-deserved warning from the president “Get yourself ready from the very beginning… Otherwise you will concede early like vs. Japan FC”.

We started the 1st quarter in a classic 4-3-3 with Sylvain as “sentinelle” and Skiv & captain David playing above him on the same line. On the wings, we had Ben Mao on the left while Mamdouh was on the right side. Pierre was left on top as striker. While the first 5/10 min were even; our legends putted then their powerplay into action… On one of them, Mamdouh got launched on the right wing at the hedge of the box. The all bench thought he would pass to Pierre who called for the ball… Instead he dodged the defender with a sidestep to finish cool & calm with his leftfoot on the right bottom of the goal.

Few minutes later, the squad was pressuring Super 48 defense. David got the ball and tried to tip the ball over the defense… A bit long and easy for the keeper. Inexplicably, he got sloppy and forgot to catch the ball to let it goes into the net at slow speed. 2-0 for the legends but it could have been 2 or 3 more goals if both Ben Mao & Pierre would have converted to their one-on-one with the keeper.

In the 2nd quarter, we kept on the momentum. Pierre got his 1st goal of the day after an offering from Mamdouh. Soon after, a triangle play in the midfield launched once more Mamdouh on the right side who found Pierre into the box… In one touch, Pierre handed the ball over to Masa-san who was coming full-speed from his right back position. Clinical & deadly for Super 48 defense for the 4-0.

At the break we made our first changes with entry of Romain & Nico replacing Sylvain & Ben Mao respectivly. Our president also asked our left-back Alex making more offensive run.

We kept on composure and interestingly, our left side woke-up after letting our right side leading most of our plays into the 1st half. Following the instructions, Alex found himself running until the corner flag to deliver a strong low pass into the box. Pierre was there at the 1st post to execute the sentence for his 2nd of the day. Nico who seemed hungry of football kept on making runs on the left side too. On one of them, he found Pierre again for the hat-trick. To finish, super Mamdouh reminded everyone that “today was his game”. Coming from his right wing back in the middle, he delivered a delicious pass in between Super 48’s central defense to Pierre again for the 7-0.

[ SPL V ] Shanghai Lions FC 7-1 FC Shanghai Super 48

In the 4th quarter, we made full use of the bench. Freek, Hiro, Medhi & FL came in for Pierre, Skiv, Mamdouh & Laurent respectively. The president got a few opportunities to get himself on the scoresheet but the ball didn’t want to get in. Instead, Super 48 scored after a freekick on a free header. The most important here is that the team kept on playing & combining well.

After the game, all the legends were pleased to receive a pair of shoes from footwear brand HOKA reputated for its comfort, support and shock absorption. Thank you HOKA for the sponsorship! It’s greatly appreciated! While having a few beers, the legends who were left tested their new running shoes and immortalize the occasion with a few pictures.

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A month from now, we’ll have our next big game on 07th of May vs. Japan FC who’s leading the league chart. Plenty of time to get in shape & ready at Tuesday’s training.



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