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[SPL News] Super league is over all eyes on the SPL now

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

The Chinese Super League finished the season last Saturday. Shanghai Shenghua ended below the the top 10 despite the fact they brought in Super Star players and Batistuta as coach. The heart of the problem of Chinese Football is that there is no youth development and not enough leagues for young players to play in. This weekend the Lions went to Hangzhou for the China Nations Cup and noticed that the sport scene in Shanghai is not too bad after all. In Hangzhou there is no well organized Men’s and or Youth league and for the Nations Cup only 6 teams showed up of which two Lions teams ! So let’s build together our SPL from strength to strength and give other teams the opportunity to taste the joy of playing in a serious but fun at the same time Football Competition !

We had four games last Sunday and as usual lots of goals 28 !

  • ERS 5-0 Super 48

ERS are on an unbeaten run sofar and Super 48 are playing better than last year however they are missing their usual one or two goals per game. Suggest them to look for a Super Size Striker in the transfer window !

  • Gremio 3-1 Japan

Gremio by beating Japan became the new SPL leaders. Japan is not as fast and furious as in the past and now need to work themselves up on the SPL chart by hardwork and a bit more luck !

  • Flamenkos 2-6 Cowboys

First half was even at 3-2 but after that the Cowboys proved fitter and a more deeper squad with more substitutes. Flamenkos still seems to suffer from the exit of one of two of their star Spanish players. Cowboys are now the team to beat !

  • Pistolera Bulls 4-7 Shanghai 2000

Bilgin was not happy with his goal keeper who had a bad day in the office but overall it was a fair and fun game with plenty of goals. We congratulate the newcomers Shanghai 2000 with their first ever SPL win and surprisingly that put them straight at the seventh place of the SPL chart.


We have a “three pitch 5 games weekend” and we like to notify you that the Jinqiao games will played at the field of the Dulwich school not at our regular field. After the family day last week we need to rest our field to let it recover some of the damage.  Keep very clear in mind that it’s a school field and absolute no smoking and littering is allowed !

  • 0930-1130 Japan-Super 48
  • 1130-1330 Gremio – ERS
  • 1330-1530 Marlins – Cowboys
  • 1400-1600 Lions – Pistolera Bulls at Waigaoqiao
  • 1400-1600 Galacticos – Shanghai 2000 at Century Park

Enjoy the games and enjoy the SPL !

Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

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