Santa was not there for the legends

Shanghai Santa Football Cup

As a long lasting tradition, the legends were up again for the 2018 edition of the Shanghai Santa Football Cup. As 18 teams were involved this year, veterans were delocalized to a second venue at Wellington playground.

Earlier in the week, the squad looked fantastic rising our hope being the 1st Lions team to lift Santa’s trophy. Unfortunately, few late cancellations narrowed the squad to its diet limit. As the idea of the
Shanghai Santa Football Cup is not about winning but having fun, we realized that it was a chance to play football among ourselves for one last time in 2018. Then, led by captain Jerome, we putted our Santa hat and played with our brave hearts !

Lions Legends 0-0 Emerald B

For our 1st game of the day, we were facing Emerald B. Both teams seems a little rusty in their physical and mental preparation and the game ended up 0-0

Lions Legends 0-0 England

For our 2nd game, it was England FC at the menu with the same result…

Lions Legends 0-0 Wellington

For the 3rd game of the day, we were facing our local host of the day. With no mercy, Mike putted his Santa gear and scored a beautiful header as Christmas gift.

Lions Legends 0-1 Japan

For our last group game, only a win against Japan could let us go through the final.  We knew that we had to attack and this is what we did… Japan FC as fine harbour tactician waited for us and killed us on one of their few counter strike…

For the record, P/F FC won the trophee beating Japan FC 1-0 into final.

Great afternoon with great people ! We didn’t score much but we tried… Anyway, we had a great spirit today and good laugh ! Thank you all and merry Christmas !

Jerome A

[SPL News] Santa Cup is around the corner

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,spl-santa-cup

It’s an understatement that time flies in Shanghai ! This week we have been busy for the preparation of next week’s Santa Cup ! Its going to be great as we have the Veterans and the Seniors playing at the same time all at the Jinqiao Pitch. The weather outlook is excellent but unfortunately snow will be missing ! After the games we will have the games we have the chance to wish each other happy holidays and a Merry Christmas. There will be price ceremonies and a lot of beer and other winter drinks !

We had three SPL games last Sunday and have two more league games next Sunday to complete another successful football year in Shanghai !

Krauts 2–2 MM FC

The Krauts missed their front man Stas but took a 1-0 lead in the first half / the second half was an open play from both teams but at a 2-2 score MM FC tried to slow down the game as they were happy with the result on the other end Bilgin was fuming as he concluded whenever he is not on the pitch the Krauts are conceding and giving a way early Christmas gifts !

Lions 6–2 ERS

It was a tactical game in the first 30 minutes as ERS decided to stay deep and only had their number 9 Ondrej upfront. He still caused the Lions trouble as they gave him too much space and they were not alert enough in defense. However the Lions took the lead after a fine combination  ended at Felix who scored with a low strike. ERS responded quick and equalized after the Lions failed to clear the ball. However right before half time Mathieu of the Lions finished a quick counter to make it 2-1. At half time the Lions tried to organize their defense better and were looking for the third goal it was a great ball fm Aga which set free Azzeddine and he was not selfish and laid off the ball to Mathieu who scored his second. By now the Lions had control over the game as ERS had to come out more and it helped them to counter fast / plenty of opportunities but ERS did come close to get back in the game as they got a penalty awarded but the effort was stopped by the Lions goalie ! The Lions made it 4-1 on a counter but ERS did get a penalty again and this time they scored by Ondrej but there was not much time left on the clock and the Lions scored another two goals in the last few minutes of the game.

Century Park FC 3–3 Marlins

According to both managers it was a great game and a good spectacle for the supporters ! Century Park started in their usual fashion strong and fast and the man in form Fafa scored twice in the first 10 minutes. The marlins came back in the game by a Wilson goal but soon after Century Park made their third by a fast counter finished by Max. The Marlins never gave up and scored just before half time. In the second half a few things changed the game Century Park got a red card for their Captain and they were forced to defend more and more and Dale the Marlins goalie got injured and was replaced by field player Banksy. Banksy kept a clean sheet and the Marlins hard work was paid off in the final minutes when a long ball into the box was finished by Jon to make it 3-3 ! Great game of football and good promotion of the SPL games !  Steve the Marlins manager will have to figure out who to put in goal for the next game ! We will know it in January !  


We have our final two SPL League games of 2016 at Century Park

  • 12:00 ERS – MM FC @ Century Park
  • 14:00 Lions – Century Park FC @ Century Park

We are almost ready for the Santa Cup !!

Freek / Yamada-san

Lions enjoyed to last weekend of the 2012 season


We had a very good Christmas Dinner last Friday. Very relaxing atmosphere at our Lions Lounge at Bloc. It was a good time to review our year and the progress we have made as a club. Terao-san had the time of his life as he was invited to kiss 10 ladies and Kevin made sure he will get a new tie!

After the dinner most of the players went for one or two more stops knowing that they had a game the next day and needed to be fueled for that.

[SIFL Cup] Shanghai Lions 8-0 Shanghai Krauts (15 Dec 2012)

We had no idea why we  had to play the SIFL Cup Qualifying game. Being the winners of the Cup last season it was quite ridicule that we had to qualify for this year’s Cup. I give credit to the Lions who came to play versus the German Krauts and never missed motivation to win. The environment was not inspiring at all, no people at Waigaoxiao cold and windy and what to play for ??

High-light of the first half was a good fast short corner and the shortest man on the pitch flying in the air and scoring the header, leave it up to you to guess who was this flying machine… 2-0 first half and the Germans didn’t do much it was time for everybody to put their name on the game sheet including Fabi with a screamer ! 8-0 we stopped enough goals what on earth were we playing for in the first place !

[SPL] Santa Cup (16 Dec 2012)

Yesterday we had 15 hard core lions showing up at the SPL 2012 Santa Cup.

Was a bit disappointed some Lions decide to stay in bed instead of having fun with their team mates for the last tournament of the year. However our U18 Lions did well for the first time to play on the big stage, they scored a few goals got some win and of course lost some games. Thomas our goalie was outstanding as he had several incredible saves on the day. Simon who played 16 games on the day scored his first and second goal for the Lions on a Sunday. Hope this will be the start of many more goals for him ! It was great to see Benji showing up with a big smile on his face yes it was 1300 Pm but at least he came and scored a few goals ! The Santa Cup was not about ranking but the fact that the Lions together with the Scottish team closed Waigaoqiao give you an idea about the atmosphere ! Great way to end a great year for the Lions !



[SPL News] SPL says Thank You

3rd SPL Santa CupAmigo’s and Amiga’s,

The good thing about the SPL players is that they all love soccer. Whenever you organize a soccer event you are sure they will come. The Santa Cup 2011 saw 12 teams with players from all over the world battling for the glory. Each team played 8 games on the day and at the end were split in two groups of 6.

The Plate Group was fighting for the 30 Liter Free Beer kindly provided by the Shanghai Rugby and Football Club. It was a close race as the Hawks almost got it but fell short by one point only ! Japan won it with 13 points out of 5 games god bless they had a team bus driving them back !

Final ranking Keg Cup :

  1. Japan
  2. Hawks
  3. Galacticos
  4. Super 48
  5. Super Japan
  6. Flamenkos

The Santa Cup Group’s winner was decided in the final game. It became an interesting story perfectly put into scenario by Steve the manager of the Hard Days Night. Friday before the start of the Santa Cup he was spreading around emails that he hardly had a team and on the day of the Cup he claimed half of his team was stuck in Puxi and asked for postponement. Meanwhile Mus the oldest Lion around was snatched as goalie after paying him an undefined amount of money. So the final result they played 8 games and conceded only one goal (a penalty) with only 8 players and became the Santa Cup winners 2011 ! Great story and well done to them !

Final ranking Santa Cup :

  1. Hard Days Night
  2. Sino Ball
  3. Lions
  4. ERS
  5. Pistolera Bulls
  6. Cowboys

You will get a CD with all the pictures of the Cup and we are already working on the Santa Cup 2012 organization !

Now its time to say goodbye to 2011 and we don’t do that before we say a big THANK YOU to all the people who have made 2011 a roaring success for the SPL !

  • The players / You are the SPL !
  • The referees each and every week they are performing / Lots of respect !
  • Kevin / Most passionate referee I ever met !
  • The Captains and Team managers / Without Captains and Team Managers there is no SPL !
  • The Grass-master Adam and his team / Brilliant knowledge about pitches !
  • Dulwich School / Football loving school with the best facilities in Shanghai !
  • Green City / Great place for foreigners to feel at home in Shanghai
  • Shanghai Rugby and Football Club /  We are happy to play there !
  • Golden Bridge Company / Great supporter of the SPL !
  • Latina / Perfect host for end of the season Parties !
  • Wives and Girl Friends / For letting us play on Sundays !
  • Yamada-san / For keeping the scores and making the schedule !
  • Frederik / For being the creator and master of the SPL website !

We hope we can keep our SPL Spirit Strong in 2012 and wish everybody a healthy and prosperous 2012 !


See you all next year !


Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

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