Shanghai Lions Football Club

Team selection for “Les Bleus” vs. Scottish Football Team

Hi guys,

I’m writing this email in English as we’ll have a German guest tomorrow. Somehow, it’s normal as in the situation they didn’t screw it up, we’d all be German now… We’ll also have an American guest.  In the situation they didn’t screw it up as well… we all understand, right?
Following my first communication, I thought it will be easier to get this team in place… Finally, I have sent over 70 emails and I have to admit that you’re the real ones. Thank you!!!
It seems we, French people, always have good excuses and it probably also means that once we stop with regular senior Football, it’s forever…
Please let me know if any problem to attend. It’s important!!!


  • Meeting directly at WGQ at 12.15
  • Game start at 13.00
  • Scots will play in light blue and as our other Lions teams are playing as well this weekend, we’re short of Jerseys. It means you have to bring your own national equipment and we’ll probably look like a patchwork. More seriously, I’ll bring Red bibs but bring your own shirt, short, socks, etc…
  • Also, pitch is not free (sorry la). Keep in mind I will ask you RMB 100 as participation fee to pay the pitch (or less hopefully)


  1. Pierre J (GK)
  2. FL
  3. David H
  4. Matze
  5. Jeff Tharsen
  6. Nicolas Mongrelet
  7. Jeff L’Her
  8. Mus
  9. Fred Fuseau
  10. Frederic Guilloux
  11. Damien Calves
  12. Thierry Leder (GK)
  13. Philippe Gathion
  14. Jonathan Beurel
  15. Eric Albrand
  16. Gilles Albin
I’ll bring some Pastis to be shared with our Scottish friends after the game. If some of you guys want to bring some pate, baguette or any french liquors, feel free to do so. Mus is gonna take care of the cockerel and let’s have fun tomorrow.
Any question, please let me know and/or feel free to share with everyone.
Note: It would have been fun to look like our glorious ancestors… Guess it’s too late to grow the “Moustache” and tailor old fashioned equipment.
Beware Scottish are ready, noisy with their crazy pipes and would probably win the “3eme mi-temps / 3rd half”.

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