1. Tamerlan says:

    Hello, my name is Tamerlan, you can adress to me just Tim. I am from Kazakhstan. Now, I am 20 years old (27.05.1994). I am studying in China, Xi’an about 2 years, and i want to play soccer, but i don’t know how to do it?
    My history, i am playing soccer about 14 years from my childhood, from 13-16 years old i played in the professional youth team of my city, after i went to malaysia for study and played in amateur league of kuala-lumpur, now i am playing in my university with my kazakh team, but it’s not for me, because i want to play seriously and hardly.
    Do you know has in my city soccer clubs, may be amateur? or can i come to any others city to play?

  2. Nadal Arnaud says:

    Hello , I’m french student from ESSEC business schools , with a good friend of mine from HEC we are setting up a high quality five a side complex in Shanghai in ordrer to provide the locals as well as the expats to get the best infrastructures and technology for the players . We are currently collecting a maximun of data about football in China .
    We would be more than happy to chat with your community of players in order to build an offer that fits perfectly well their needs when practicing football .

    My associate do have wechat : Arnaud Nadal and Romain Plé-Nemo

    Best regards

    Arnaud Nadal

  3. Olasehinde Wemimo Mathew says:

    I am Olasehinde Wemimo Mathew, a professional photographer and cinematographer with more than 10 years sport shooting experience.
    I would like to apply for the post of Cameraman/photographer of the club with the additional skill of editing, still and motion pictures.
    I would be glad to have a positive responds from the team management.

    • FL says:

      We’re an amateur club. If you’re living in Shanghai and willing to provide your services for free, we’re interested to discuss.

  4. Fredi Herrera says:

    hi im fredi im new to shanghai . I played college soccer in america ncaa 1 and im looking for a team to play for.

  5. Jeff khoo says:

    I am Jeff from Malaysia
    I am interested in joining the training on Tuesday
    Just to stay in shape, hopefully some games if possible
    I used to do lots of sports but because of work I have stop most of it
    But still have the passion in soccer. hope that I could train with you guys

    Do let me know if I could join in / Thank you

  6. Isayev Meylis says:

    Hi. My name is Meylis. I am from Turkmenistan. I live and study in Shanghai. I’m 19 years old. In my country I started playing at 3 years old. Then at 7 years old I started playing in the junior team. Played trained and grew. Then at the age of 14 I started playing for the youth of my city. But at 18 I came to china to study. Studied in the city of Xi’an. Played one year for the main school team with foreigners. Now I’m studying in East China University of Sciense and Technology. I am the vice captain of the university. But I want to join you and train and grow as a football player. It would not be bad if you give a chance to show yourself on the field. Thanks in advance

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