The team worked hard on fitness

Last Sunday, we organized a few friendly games vs. Japan & Pures FC to work on our fitness before the start of the season. We had a good setup with 4 games of 25 minutes while the weather was hot and humid. For this mini-tournament, we had a large squad of 20 players with a good mix of youth and seniors. Also, a couple of players made their debut on the team.

  • For the 1st match, we were playing vs. Japan FC. While we usually like to play the “pressing game”, the heat made it hard for us. Well, when you start to let the Japanese combine in the middle, you usually finish getting punished on the wing… This is what happened and we lost 0-1.
  • The 2nd match ended in 0-0 against Pures FC. We did create chances to score but failed to get the ball on target.
  • In our 3rd match against Japan FC, we started well and could have taken the lead but again failed to hit on target. In the second part of the match, we were running out of steam and the lack of match fitness become obvious against a much fitter team. We had no answer to their one-touch combinations and cool finishing. 0-3 for Japan FC.
  • In the last match, we finally got a goal from Masa-san who tried hard to find the net against his fellow countrymen. 1-0 for the Lions.

Last week, we started back already our regular training sessions. This season, we have decided to play at the new excellent venue of L Sports Park in the new south bund area. Then, keep the slot in mind… Every Tuesday at L Sports Park from 19:30 to 21:30.

No need to say, right… Training is important and necessary for fitness but also to improve as a team. Then, we are looking forward to seeing you all this coming Tuesday.

PS: As usual, a big thank you to Cynthia who made great pictures.


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