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Thomas’ farewell party on Friday August 24th 2012 at Enoterra Wuding from 18.30 till late


Thomas is leaving let’s celebrate this !

Our oldest goalie is leaving Shanghai ! We like to celebrate this at Enoterra, 343 Jiaozhou Lu 24th of August starting at 7 pm. Good occasion to see his 6 times broken nose one more time and share the great memories of him being the Lion goalie for so many years !

See you all on Friday and for sure we’ll miss his literary style (see below)

One of our oldest Lions is leaving us after 10 years in Shanghai


Hi all,

A French actress, Catherine Deneuve, said that “Friendship, like love, is hard work and requires a lot attention and constancy. Above all, it demands to know how to offer what is the dearest in life: TIME”.

And that’s what we have shared during these past years, enjoying moments of time:

– Time to play, on rugby, touch or football pitches, on card tables (which is a good excuse to see each other) with poker, tarot, belote
– Time to work, just a little for Tom and a lot for Amy.
– Time to teach and to learn, from each other (sometime, the teacher learns more from the student).
– Time to exchange (with or without any stock), to support, to discuss, to argue, to debate.
– As tables are for friendship that beds are for love, Time for breakfast, brunch, lunch, teatime, dinner, supper.
– And last but not least, Time for partying, dancing, drinking, boozing, singing, shouting, crying, smiling, laughing, teasing,

In a nutshell, sharing moments in life and enjoying them together as friendship is fundamental.

So, before we move to the land of rogues and kangaroos, let’s share one last big party.
When: Friday August 24th

Where to start: Enoterra Wuding (crossroad of wuding lu and jiaozhou lu) from 18.30 till late

Where to continue: let’s see

What: snack + 100 rmb for 3 glasses + prices on bottles

Look forward seeing you to get a last moment of Shanghai craziness.

Amy & Tom

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