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[Throwback] – Lions FC broadcasted LIVE on PPTV Sport Channel

It doesn’t happen often in one’s amateur football life having the chance to play in front of television camera… A little less than one year ago, our club & president gave this lifetime opportunity to some of us.

A rare privilege & memory to be cherished. Thank you president!
Next time, we would like the same in Nou Camp 🙂

Watch game highlights on Youku (ps: you need to disable your VPN)

Click here to watch the full game


An historic event having one of our SPL game being live broadcast on PPTV. The setting was perfect at Century Park with 5 camera’s around the field… The match didn’t disappoint either with a 4-2 score line. We hope to repeat this in the future as PPTV is watched all over China and actually is the largest internet TV company in the world ! A perfect set up to let the local chinese people enjoy our SPL football games.

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