Shanghai Tongji University Football Club

Tongji University win “2012 Chen Yi Cup (陈毅杯)” organized by the Shanghai Football Association

Late August 2012, Chen Yi Cup (陈毅杯) organized by the Shanghai Football Association (上海市足球协会) saw Tongji University team win in final for the 2nd time in a row.

Chen Yi cup was born in the eighties but had been suspended for 19 years until 2011 and is now in recovery. Last year, party secretary of Shanghai Sports Bureau, Li Yuyi , called the Shanghai community and the general public to support and participate in the Cup to build a sporting and cultural life in Shanghai.

The tournament format last three months and is played in various pitches in Shanghai: Shanghai Stadium outfield, Century Park Stadium Jing’an, Zhabei training ground, Xuhui training field, Yuanshen Stadium, Luwan Stadium, Jinshan, Songjiang University City Stadium.

Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find much online resources for 2012 edition except this video on Youku with Stephen Phillips (Azzurri FC) delivering one assist and scoring once while playing for Tongji University.

Also, some pictures and team information for 2011 edition on those links (English/Chinese)