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HANGZHOU 7 a-side tournament on Nov. 3rd & 4th 2012


Please note that the HANGZHOU 7aside tournament will take place the WEEK END of the  3- 4th November 2012 .

More detailed information here :

For the Lions coming to the HANGZHOU 7 aside tournament on Sat. Nov. 3rd and Sunday 4th 2012. We are 20 players in total, which means 2 TEAMS of 10 players.

PS: we are going with 20 players because from last year’s experience, we will certainly lose a couple on the way to the pitch on Sunday morning….
       Please see the list of the players and tournament schedule here.
Our 1st game will be at 11am, so we will all meet on Sat. morning 8.15am for our train at 8.45am at the HONGQIAO Train Station (not the north nor the South one), the one close to the Hongqiao Airport. You will need your PASSPORT.
       The plan on Sat. evening is to have dinner around 8pm at the Restaurant/Bar called The Vineyard, where we have booked a table and we will be able to
       watch the MU- Arsenal game live! We will head to some local famous club for some further drinks…until no one is standing anymore…
       WHO will be the 2012 Highlander?
We will take the 7pm train on Sund. evening back to Shanghai.
Please make sure your bring your NEW EQUIPMENTS that you will collect on Friday evening at BLOC at 8pm…
Please bring your ID/PASSPORT and 600 rmb for:
      – Train tickets SH-HZ / HZ-SH = 200 rmb/pers. (paid in advance by Freek)
      – Hotel room for on Sat. night = 1 romm  = 350 rmb, so 175 rmb/pers. if share room (we booked 10 double-beds rooms)
      – Tournament registration fees (2500 rmb): 125 rmb/pers,
      – Polo-shirts : 100 rmb/pers.
      + food & drinks of your choice
Shanghai LIONS FC Management


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