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[SPL News] What a beautiful day

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

Call it new year’s luck but the weather was fantastic  last Sunday ! The pitches were in great shape and the referees were doing a good job ! We had all SPL teams playing except for the Cowboys as they needed four weeks to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  5 games with 38 goals a typical SPL standard with just a few yellow cards !

  • Flamenkos 6-2 Super 48

Our Japanese friends are looking younger every week not sure that’s because of some secret surgery or because they are scouting younger players. It would make sense for them to change their name to Super 38 as they quickly took the lead and although the Flamenkos equalized soon after they had several scoring opportunities. However the blue wall was running out of steam and had difficulties with the Flamenkos strikers, especially Josue who scored three goals ! It was good to see Josei back on the field after his knee surgery, as spectator and sponsor this time !

  • ERS 2-5 Pistolera Bulls

Bilgin made a coup de France. He specially ordered Xavier who has been living in Paris for the last two years to come back for this game. With all his knowledge about playing style and culture they managed to put ERS under pressure from the start and never looked back. ERS is thinking how to turnaround a poor run in 2013 maybe Bilgin can give some advice after his poor run in last half 2012!

  • Marlins 7-0 Japan

The Marlins continued to work on their goal difference. Japan was an easy opponent as they were lacking physical power against the Marlins. Fair game with no cards.

First half saw the Lions wasting a lot of opportunities, a rare penalty miss from Joel for instance. He blamed it on the wind at Waigaoqiao. 0-2 at half time however the Galacticos were down to 10 man after one of their players got injured. Lions increased the pace of the game and started to score more and more goals and stopped at 11.

  • Gremio 4-1 Shanghai 2000

Beautiful setting in the park on a perfect field. It brought a smile on the faces of the Brazilian players of Gremio and they started to show their skills, especially Kercio was on fire with two goals. 2-0 half time and final result 4-1 with no cards just pure football fun !


This coming weekend it looks like perfect weather again and lets see how the Cowboys come back in the title race after their long break ! We have 5 games with the Lions having a bye.

  • 1000-1200 Cowboys – Pistolera Bulls
  • 1200-1400 ERS – Gremio
  • 1400-1600 Flamenkos – Marlins
  • 1400-1600 Super 48 – Japan at Waigaoqiao
  • 1400-1600 Galacticos – Shanghai 2000


Please remember we have our sport injury workshop organized by Global Health Care on Thursday 14th of March. Register by sending an email to It will 1900-2000 in Puxi / Its good to learn more about dealing with sports injuries. We like to hold our Captains Drink after the work shop / ps let us know whether you can make it. Idea is to get to know each other better as team captains/managers and talk about the future of the SPL !


Enjoy the games and the start of the Spring Season in Shanghai !


Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

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