What a fantastic awards ceremony we had

Waauw Waauw Waauw ! What a fantastic “awards ceremony” we had yesterday to formaly close the season 2022/2023.

A super location combined with great food and drinks. The most important of course, were the people. What a nice group of people we have! People from all over the world… Young and old (including myself). we really had a super awards ceremony time altogether.

Below are the awards of the season 2022/2023. But first of all, I’d like to stress out that the awards winners would not have got rewarded if all the other players were not helping and supporting the team. So actually, the awards belong to all of us! The season have been an amazing team effort both for the seniors and the legends.

  1. Best Supporter – Mathieu & Jad
  2. Best Defender – Laurent
  3. Best Midfielder – Skiv
  4. Best Goal Keeper – Marcel
  5. Top Goal Scorer – Pierre
  6. Boys to Man – Ryan
  7. Most Improved Youth – Seiwa
  8. Best Youth Player – Louka
  9. Best Come Back – Jack
  10. Most Improved Lion – Alex
  11. Most Committed Lions – Hira
  12. Goal of the Season – David
  13. MVP Legends – Mamdouh
  14. MVP Seniors – Peter
  15. Life Time Award – Bob

While we just finished our awards ceremony, the police came to at the restaurant… As the sound level was getting higher and higher, we decided to move to another spot where DJ Skiv was in control. I think a few of our guys closed the place around 06:00am :).

A classic Lions night out! Again, what a great Lions family we have! Proud to be a Lion!



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