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[ Youth ] Shanghai Lions 8-1 LFS U18 FC (03 Feb 2013)

Young Lions,

Last Sunday we had a big test of our standing as a team after months of training. Unfortunately we had a few Lions missing but with a very young 49 year old goalie we were ready to take on the French!

  1. First 30 minutes we played very well as we started more aggressive and punished the French players for weak defending / You noticed if you train every week you get stronger and have more confidence 3-1
  2. Second 30 minutes we asked all of you to control the game by passing the ball around as we were leading 3-1 there was no rush to score. Here we ran into bit of trouble as we didn’t have full confidence to short pass to each other and the French pressured us helped by the wind. However luck was on our side and we increased the score to 5-1
  3. Third 30 minutes we were more relaxed as we knew we will win this game so confidence was large and managed to score a few more good goals 8-1

Coaches were very pleased with the performance as well with the team spirit which is a key element of winning game. The fact that several young lions stayed back to watch the men beat the French 3-0 with two goals from coach Garret, showed a good club spirit!

This Wednesday we have one more training at Century Park at 1800 PM before the Chinese New Year Holiday and it will be a fun training with a lots of games ! Please ask everybody to come even new players just bring them and show them what it is to play for club!

After the new year we will check all the soccer schedules of the young lions as most of you will have school competition so we adjust our training’s schedule  we will focus on games!


See you all on Wednesday


Coach Freek / Joel / Garret

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