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Youth team back in action after 3 months of lockdown in shanghai

Our last 11 aside match was more than 3 months ago. Obviously the lockdown in Shanghai has had a major impact on all of us. We are trying now to get back our lives and routines step by step. Last Sunday friendly match was for us about the opportunity to go out, play and enjoy!

Our team had several new players and some of them had never played an 11 aside match before. In the summer heat that was a challenge. Our opponent Japan FC is well known for their technical skill and fitness. So we knew it would be very hard to play them now.

They overwhelmed us in the first 15 minutes by their fast passing game and scored 2 goals quickly. After some time, we got slowly better in the match and managed to keep more possession. However, it was obvious that we were lacking confidence in passing and opted to run with the ball instead of giving the first easy pass.

As the game progressed we could see improvement but also we had players struggling with their fitness. They scored 2 more goals but they were less threatening… Finally, we found more space and opportunities and got 1 goal back in the 2nd 25 minutes.

In the last 25 minutes, we asked the team to win the quarter. It was good to see that all of us stepped up and scored 2 nice goals with good build ups starting from the midfield.

[ Friendly ] Japan FC 5-3 Shanghai Lions FC

5-3 as final score for Japan but today it was not about the score but to enjoy being back on the pitch after such a long lockdown in Shanghai. We all know that we need to improve but that’s why we have trainings organized. We see you all on Thursday at QiYi.

Pat, Nick & Freek

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